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I want to buy a franchise

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Darth Ender

Darth Ender


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About every third healthcare and/or educational professional Luke sees suggests that he might be autistic. He has some mad ignoring skills and a general disdain for following directions given by strangers.

I just got an email today from his school asking to move his IEP meeting from May to next month because as of last week, the end of the 2nd 9-weeks, he's met all of his speech goals for the year. I'm not sure what that means for his enrollment in the early childhood program. He may not qualify any longer.

The issue is that It is no longer is autism, it is autism spectrum disorder. I am sure 100% of nightly.net regulars might be on the spectrum...I am 100% sure I am.  The question is is that do those behaviors impact the student's education?


I am assuming Luke is receiving SLP minutes.  Before exiting special education services, the last intervention should always be no intervention.  See how he does after a 4-6 of not receiving his minutes to make sure he is not falling behind then adjust (or exit) from there. 

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I'm sure he won't be discharged from speech. We'll probably get a new IEP for that as he's still not as verbally expressive as the typical 4 year-old nor is his pronunciation on par, and he doesn't speak in complete sentences still. 

However, his speech issues likely aren't enough for him to qualify for the program that he's in. I don't know if they'd "kick him out" or what. The program is really for children with more severe disabilities and delays. 

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