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Transformers The Movie is the best sci-fi movie ever

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I agree wholeheartedly!


I have never seen this movie and, בלי נדר‎, never will. So I have no reason to doubt that it's the best sci-fi movie ever because I have seen literally no evidence to the contrary, I'm fine w/that, that makes sense to me, it all adds up. I've seen some (or all? They're pretty much the same movie over and over again so it's tough for me to tell which ones of the five or six that have come out I have seen or not seen) of the Michael Bays (Michaels Bay?) though, and they're kind of okay (well, no, they're terrible!) enough for me. I don't really remember off hand much of what goes on in them, Josh Duhamel & Tyrese Gibson scream at robots sometimes? I know The Transformers comics are fairly well regarded, tho, critically acclaimed works, should probably check them out.

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