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FINALLY Kirk Douglas.

Oh really? Well shit.   I'll change that choice to Bill Pullman.

This made me snicker. I'm a terrible person.

James Earl Jones

Iggy Pop

Keith Richards

Mick Jagger

Debbie Harry

Mark Hamill

Kendrick Lamar

Stephen Tyler

Donald Trump (one can live in hope)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Christopher Walken

Jeff Daniels

Bill Pullman

Bernie Sanders

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My Mother. Like seriously. Last night my brother went out without telling anyone to see Rise of Skywalker. My mother called me at midnight to tell me it was an emergency. Left no details. Just sobbing and this is terrible and it's an emergency on my voice mail! Call me back. I call back. All these terrible thoughts of my sister ODing and mom finding the body. Nope. When the phone picks up and it's my sobbing mother she tells me that Timmy has left her (my useless brother who she thinks she will die without even though if my mother was one of my students I would be reporting her to CPS for neglect) and she is going to DIE! I told her to go back to bed after one question "Is the game console still in the living room?" and the answer is yes along with the teevee. He's coming back. Go back to bed. Thanks for caring she cries and hangs up. I'm three states away. WTF? She also called her ex husband, her other son who lives seven states away on the east coast. I call this morning when I get up. He was at a movie. UGH. I feel like you guys should be watching the news for women in wheelchairs murdered by caretaker son in Tucson, AZ this year.

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