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What's your final E1-9 ranking?

Darth Ender

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Look, if I can troll every PT thread ever for 20+ years on nightly to trash talk the PT, Zerimar can wage his war. It's only fair.

Difference is zerimar has created threads where he was like "should I stay or not" blah blah blah. "People dont like me always talking about the EU" blah blah blah. Basically knowing hed play on peoples sympathies and have alot of them be like "oh no, you should stay...."


Then he stays and keeps doing the same annoying behavior hes always done.

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Has any one of you ever stopped and thought for a second that maybe I wanted to join in this conversation and be accepted for what I have to bring to the table? have you taken the time to notice that I stay out of 90% of the threads here because I have nothing to contribute to the conversation (like the "I've Seen X" threads)? Have you noticed that I stopped using unkind terminology like "FU" because, although they encapsulated the anger I was feeling at the time, they did nothing but draw unwanted attention to me?

And then the minute I come in here with my list of what what I think Episodes I through IX are, trying to have a fun conversation, you ditzes gang up on me like I'm some constant troublemaker. I'm not waging any damn war! Just shut up!

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1. Empire strikes back

2. A New Hope


Brilliant but imperfect

3. Return of the Jedi

4. The Force Awakens

(Rogue 1 would go here)


Enough to like, but missed opportunities

5. Revenge of the Sith

6. Rise of Skywalker

7. The Last Jedi

(Solo goes here somewhere)



8. The Phantom Menace

9. Attack of the Clones

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Just not gonna think about it and type out a list of nine movies, easy, no sweat :


1. A New Hope (1977)

2. The Last Jedi (2015) (I think being so good when I wasn't expecting any of the new ones to rock my world has really inflated its rep in my brain)

3. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

4. The Phantom Menace (1999) (yes, I think this coheres together as a moment-to-moment narrative better than RotJ)

5. Return of the Jedi (1983)

6. Attack of the Clones (2002) (I overvalue Lucas's insane auteur wackiness above the smooth feel of the new stuff)

7. Revenge of the Sith (2005) (wait, do I really think AotC is better than RotS? Oh well, too late to change it now!)

8. Rise of the Skywalker (2019) (putting it so far down here makes it look like I hate it, no, I don't hate it, it's better than Solo and Rogue One too!)

9. The Force Awakens (2015) (BB-8 FORGIVE ME! GRANT ME ABSOLUTION!)


If I were making, like, a list of my Top 100 Favourite films and obeying a sort of arbitrary rule regarding not overloading w/too much by the same director and/or too much of the same franchise I kind of feel like only A New Hope (1977) and The Last Jedi (2015) would make the list, individually but not both of 'em. And, naturellement, the list'd be different if you asked me tomorrow.

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And so it goes, I am accused of something I'm innocent of, I explain myself, and then completely ignored by those same people. Story of my online life.

Wrong. Once you say "what I think Episodes I-IX are" you lose all credibility. You dont choose what they are, they are what they are. You don't have to like them or even ever see them or know anything about them. But to come up with your own "what the episodes are" is insane and not really worthy of a response.

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Still haven't seen TROS, but I feel like I've spoiled myself enough that it almost counts.


1. ANH

2. ESB


4. TFA


6. TPM



9. TLJ

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Just for fun I thought I'd look up some various rankings from online to see how they shake out



Star Wars--90

The Last Jedi--85

The Empire Strikes Back--82

The Force Awakens--81

Revenge of the Sith--68

Rogue One--65


Return of the Jedi--58

Rise of Skywalker--54

Attack of the Clones--54

The Phantom Menace--51


Rotten Tomatoes

The Empire Strikes Back--94

Star Wars--93

The Force Awakens--93

The Last Jedi--91

Rogue One--83

Return of the Jedi--82

Revenge of the Sith--80


Attack of the Clones--65

The Phantom Menace--53

The Rise of Skywalker--51


Rotten Tomatoes Audience Scores

The Empire Strikes Back--97

Star Wars--96

Return of the Jedi--94

The Force Awakens--86

The Rise of Skywalker--86

Rogue One--86

Revenge of the Sith--66


The Phantom Menace--59

Attack of the Clones--56

The Last Jedi--43



The Empire Strikes Back--8.7

Star Wars--8.6

Return of the Jedi--8.3

The Force Awakens--7.9

Rogue One--7.8

Revenge of the Sith--7.5

The Last Jedi--7.0

The Rise of Skywalker--6.9


Attack of the Clones--6.5

The Phantom Menace--6.5



Not sure if its interesting or not, just figured Id put it out there.

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Rotten Tomatoes has Clue at 61%, and it should be at least 105%. And don't get me started on Transformers the Movie at 58%.


Numbers are meaningless. But I also use them, combined with other things, to determine what I go see versus watching at home.

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I've decided to finally try to figure this out. It's so hard for me to do, not even just because of the newness of TROS and having only seen it once so far. I've been finding my thoughts on even the OT and PT shifting some recently, so my thoughts are very fluid right now. I decided to group them in tiers like many of you have done already.
















For years, I considered ESB my favorite, but at the moment, ANH's fun factor just helped it retake the top for me right now. The difference between the top two and the next tier is relatively small because I love both ROTJ and TFA. Both definitely have their flaws, but I enjoy the hell out of watching both of them.


it is really the next four that are difficult for me to put in order and I moved each of them around in here until I finally settled on this. Both ROTS and TROS suffer from similar problems of just trying to do way too much and I don't doubt it is in large part due to both being the ends of their respective trilogies. TLJ moved the most for me among these four because I really like so much of it, even after rewatching it twice very recently with my family. I mainly put it down so low not jsut because of its own flaws, but in how it hugely constrained what came next. I don't want to get into a debate on the clearly contrasting visions of JJ and RJ, but having the entire movie take place right after TFA was such a colossal misfire. While I put some blame for that on JJ ending TFA like he did, if Lucasfilm didn't feel constrained by the norms of the franchise, they could have easily gotten around the Luke cliffhanger and moved the rest of the film years later. I think that would have helped solve my biggest issues with it. I even hate having TPM at the bottom of this tier because, with the disappointment over it and the prequels being what they were in the past, too, it is easier for me to appreciate the fun parts of this. I don't get so excited for watching it, but on our recent rewatch of all of them, I found myself enjoying so many moments in it.


I don't have much to say about AOTC. There are scenes from it that I really like, along with ideas like adding in a mystery element, but there is just so much wrong with the movie and those ideas ultimately didn't pay off. Also, the love story between Padme and Anakin is so ridiculously uncomfortable.

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I have a hard time with my bottom 3 now. The reasons TPM and AOTC are that low vary so differently from TROS. Ill freely admit there is nothing in TROS that approaches how bad some of the Anakin/Padme scenes are. Thing is thoough I don't feel the 2 prequels hurt the story. The story for the most part is fine. If I hadn't seen the movies and read a summary of what happens in those movies I'd think "oh that sounds good." If before seeing TROS I read a summary I'd think "this cant be right there is no way they'd something this dumb."

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I always say ESB is the better film, but ANH is the better Star Wars movie. They always flip positions for me too.


Where would you put Solo and R1?

That's basically how I feel about ESB and ANH.


I'd place Rogue One in the same tier as TFA and ROTJ. It is hard for me to place it among them right now, though. I really like it and I think it is a more solid movie than the other two for various reaons, but I don't feel compelled to go back and watch it as much. We didn't include it and Solo on our recent rewatch because we were just wanting to go through the main series. My wife liked all the movies beforehand when she saw them for the first time a few years ago, but she got a new appreciation for them after going to Galaxy's Edge (and especially my reaction to it).


Solo is a little easier for me, I think. I put it squarely between the TFA/ROTJ tier and ROTS/TROS/etc. It's not an amazing movie, but I really enjoyed it both times I havewatched it.

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The story for the most part is fine. If I hadn't seen the movies and read a summary of what happens in those movies I'd think "oh that sounds good." If before seeing TROS I read a summary I'd think "this cant be right there is no way they'd something this dumb."

So true. The story of the prequels may not be exactly how I'd like it, but at least it's coherent and well-paced for the most part. It's mainly the execution of the films that was off. TROS is the opposite. All the parts are well executed, but the whole makes no sense.

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