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SCOTUS rulings today!

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I'm curious about your excitement. Are you happy that this is probably going to trial? This was most likely going to happen because Remington didn't have much of a leg to stand on in this case. That said I get why they tried going this route. If this is a jury trial you have the solid chance of a sympathetic bunch wanting to sure with greiving families. Also you could have have an activist judge try to send a message to the gun industry. In which this all ends up back in front of the Supreme Court formally.


I've said before I'm not a gun person. This is a case though would set a horrible precedent. If a company could be held liable because someone used its product in an illegal way then the flood doors are opened to for litigation on just about anything. Let's not forget that kid not only stole his mother's guns, but murdered her with them. And Remington is responsible for that?

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