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I discovered fairly recently that watching media about people battling demons and winning is really good for my high anxiety times. I got through the week between accepting the job offer for the job I have now and actually starting the job by watching The Conjuring movies. Now that Im getting to a point in my current job search that Im probably looking at a new, better job in my immediate future, Im finding Marianne (on Netflix) is hitting the spot.


So Im six episodes in. And no, it doesnt bother me that shes an evil witch. They make it clear that she made a personal decision to go full demon. Actually, I mean, I cant say I blame her, it would be very on brand for me to do the exact same thing in the same circumstances. But she went to the dark side in a big way, therefore I am finding it very cathartic to watch Emma (who definitely looks like Kristen Stewart) and her band of misfits figure out how to defeat a demon lady.


Anyone else want to talk about how much they want to rip Marianne apart?

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