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The Next Thing I Write

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Now that I am working maybe I will come back to this thread to keep myself accountable... or at the very least prove to myself I am not wasting away.


I am currently on TWO paying jobs. I mentioned in my last update that I had landed a pitch-- that is job one. If anyone is familiar with the website CryptTV, they are a repository of horror short films. They got a big influx of money from an investor and are taking some of their short form IP and giving them a glow up to become full on TV shows.


I can't say which of their things I am working on, but they hired me to write a pilot episode and a show bible, which they will then take out to pitch. If they sell it, then I got a TV show to run. If they don't-- well, it's paying my living expenses into next year so I'm not complaining.


Job two is the video game job-- they finally pressed start. It's still writing dialog scripts like a movie, and the game story follows a 3 act structure-- but that's where the similarities end. I have to actually add the scripts into their concept engine which is a piece of software that allows you to play the game via its storyboards and maps. They build the entire game this way, so they only render and program what needs to be done. I'm swimming in concept art and weekly calls to London. I had to even get a stupid windows machine to run their software, (which I can now use to game). It's been a blast so far-- a lot of work, but fun. Writing alternate story paths is really interesting and is using new brain muscles. I hope I get more game work after this.


Other things... I have two original scripts that have both attached directors and indie level producers, and are going out for potential casting, since everyone is home and reading. My own movie is still in casting limbo as well. Lower budget films live and die by getting the right level names to please financiers.


The 90s thriller I mention above has become the first project for my new agents. After holding out for a year, my agency finally agreed to the WGAs code of conduct (read back pages to see what I am talking about), and when I called my guy up he said they had laid off so many people between covid and losing writers, that they were only taking a few select ones back.


My guy also reps James Gunn and Gary Whitta-- so if we're being frank, he was NEVER going to put me up for a Star War when he has those guys. I jumped to Gersh, who had been trying to poach me for a year or so.


They sent it to directors they rep and Jennifer Lynch (David's daughter) wants to direct it. She was originally going to direct Hell Fest so we worked together before and became friends, so I am amped. This script is right up her alley.


So new agents, working on two jobs, and riding out casting on 4 original scripts. I ain't complaining.


Well I can-- I've tried to get read for Obi-Wan, Last of Us, and Fallout, but they are tiny 1-2 writer rooms. Someday I'll get something top level.


The book I wrote is being looked over by an editor. I had to shell out money for it, but if I am going to do anything with it I need to have my horrible typing fixed by a pro.


Have half a dozen ideas in the back of my head brewing for the next original thing I write. I need a new TV pilot spec now that the Amblin one is dead. I'm guessing in October or November I'll have time to get to it. That's enough time for an idea molecule or two to team up and make something. It's like a background task-- it's in my head, back there and out of the way so it doesn't slow down my paying work... but it's bubbling.

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Now that I am working maybe I will come back to this thread to keep myself accountable... or at the very least prove to myself I am not wasting away.   I am currently on TWO paying jobs. I mentioned i

Already talked to one of the Amazon execs. It's a loooong way out at this point for a writer's room, and for all we know they'll just bring on the Westworld team. But, I'm at lest on the radar.

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Here's a thing... work is definitely keeping me sane.

Today, both of the paying jobs are out for notes, so I am on hold. My reps are busy with the script they are packaging, and literally everything else is at a stage where things are proceeding, but without my immediate attention. Douche translation-- stuff is contracting with my lawyer and reps.

Book is still with an editor, I have been paid on first steps... so... I have money in the bank, no immediate work today, even if I had something new my reps wouldn't be ready for it, I really shouldn't start something new given how much I have banked up...

So there's literally no reason to not just play video games or watch TV. Zero. This is supposed to be the cool part of being successfully self employed, right?

But I feel weird and guilty not working.

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I got put on a new psych med that has made me crazy creative-productive the past week or so, so I get that whole MUST BE BUSY! thing. I’m holding half the projects in my pipeline mostly because I worry people will worry about me launching so much new stuff so fast.

I you ever want a reminder to chill, check out @thenapministry on insta.

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