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Still haven't seen it but really wanna

D-Ray Kenobi

D-Ray Kenobi

    Back off man, I'm a scientist.

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I kind of feel like my thinking on this has changed a bit since I saw it back in the Fall.

I still think it's good.  But Best Picture good?  Not really.  It raises a very empathetic conversation about mental health, but stylistically and thematically it steals literally everything interesting from Scorsese.

Like, how does a movie that's essentially a tribute to Scorsese beat out an actual Scorsese movie in terms of nominations?  Granted, Phoenix had the performance of a lifetime in this and earned his Best Actor nomination, but DeNiro didn't in the actual Scorsese movie?  It's so funny that he was miscast in Joker and had a horrible phoned in performance in that, but yet acted his ass off in The Irishman and got snubbed for it.

I still like Joker, but I don't love it anymore.  It just feels like if it weren't for all of the Oscar nomination love, its biggest cultural significance would have been having its posters hung up in every Freshman dorm room.

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