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No more Spider-Man in the MCU

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I don't see HBO being an option at all. Disney isn't going to gain control of two major streaming services to then turn properties over to a third party.

The opposite. Sony makes stand alone Spider-Man movies, no MCU cameos. And the MCU has no Spider-Man.   But it's all BS. They'll figure it out.

I believe there are also restrictions on the Netflix shows/characters for the next few years because of provisions in the contract with Netflix.

The quick summary is that there will be one more MCU film in his own trilogy, one more appearance in a non-Spidey MCU film (kind of clear it's either Fantastic 4 or the next Avengers), and Holland's Spidey will appear in at least one of Sony's Venom-verse films.

Also apparently this is a bridge solution for the next few years. I think Sony sees the writing on the wall that Fiege is going to take over for Kennedy at Lucasfilm and want to wait to see how that shakes out before they go for a longer deal.

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