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This is the first new car I have bought.  All used (but the latest) and all held up. 

My cars--all mileages are approximate:

1987 Mercury Cougar (1996-2000)--drove from 20K miles to 100K.  It started to fall apart but I was tough on that car.  Maybe changed the oil twice.

1997 Honda Accord (2000-2004)--40k-200k.  I literally drove this off a cliff in the mountains and commuted from Denver to Avon (a town deep in the mountains) 5x a week for almost a year.  Probably my favorite car ever.  It had a non-working car phone in it I thought it was sooooo cool.  Also had a 5 disc changer in the trunk--I hope you like Reel Big Fish, TuPac and Death Row's Greatest Hits. 

2000 Honda Civic (2005-2008)-40k-120K.  It was okay--probably my least favorite car.

2006 Honda Pilot (2008-2017)- 20k-250k.  I drove this car till the check engine light started flashing at me.  Did you know the check engine light will flash at you?

2014 Audi A4 (2017-still own)-30k-95k.  Love this car. 

2023 Jeep Gladiator (just bought) 7 miles-1k. 

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3 hours ago, Tank said:

YOU DROVE OFF A CLIFF 5X A WEEK? There had to have been a better route.


3 hours ago, Hobbes said:

I-70 is a bitch in the winter.

But it sadly didn’t handle swerves as well as Phillip himself does.

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More car shopping….I saw a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited for $25,900.  69K miles.  Best I’ve been able to find for the price that isn’t 90K miles or above. If it’s still available, I’m going to check it out Saturday 

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