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The Rise of Skywalker and time travel

Darth Ender

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I agree, not a perfect comparison.


In a perfect world maybe JJ comes up with something a but more clever than essentially having the Empire come back with a different name and an Emperor stand in leading it. Really though in the long run what he did was probably smart. In reality I think in many cases the things some fans want in terms of explanations if they got those explanations it would just slow the movies down and make them boring. Sometimes be careful what ya ask for.


For me Star Wars is about the great moments. Not that the plot doesn't matter but what really matters is Luke looking at the suns, Yoda raising the X-Wing, teh saber flying into Reys hands, Luke staring down Kylo. Thats what is most important. I really do think give it a simple plot with bad guys chasing good guys, trying to get some object the good guys having, the good guys trying to blow up the bad guys. Thats when it works best.


In the prequels we got an explanation for how Palpatine engineered the Clone Wars. Did we really want it though. Hell we got an explanation for 10 years before the Clone Wars. We are lucky Lucas didn't go back to when Palpy was running for City Council on Naboo. Wouldn't we all be happier if we just got dropped into the Clone Wars in Episode I with the crawl being like "The destructive Clone Wars ahve raged for several years..." Sure people would probably complain about it online but the movies would be better in all liklehood.

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