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Semi-shameless brag


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Hey guys! My sister and brother-in-law did a thing! They (well, he actually) decided on a whim to enter Austin's 48 Hour Film Project. They gathered up some of their more talented friends (and also this dude and his brother who you'll below...but my sister doesn't even know where he came from...) and made a film in 48 hours! As if that's not impressive enough, they were also nominated in several categories including: Best Actress, Best Score, Best Graphics and Titling, Best Special Effects, and Best Editing. They won Best Graphics and Titling, and their lead won Best Actress!

My BIL directed and my sister is credited for Script Supervisor (probably for constantly telling them that the dialogue sucked) but in reality did a lot more than just that. She probably should have been credited as Set Designer as well since the whole thing was filmed in their house that she's decorating, but whatevs.

Anyway...check it out!


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