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Getting old

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I somehow managed to screw up doing a forward roll at karate last week, landing squarely on my shoulder/upper back in a way for it to take my full weight and now it is nice and hurt.  I got it looked at by a doctor and they think it is nothing too bad and should get better on its own since an x-ray looked fine, there was no pop, and I have full range of motion in my arm.  It definitely is better than it was right afterwards, but it's definitely taking longer to heal than this type of thing did in the past.  It seems like it could just linger on for a long time now.  It's a minor thing, but it's definitely annoying.

Ms. Spam

Ms. Spam


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Welcome to old age. I think it came sooner than expected for me! HAHAHA.



    Now and forever...

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True... although Jacob and Reese have been my best and most enduring friends for years now. Apparently we just have to find our kind of ***holes to make friends with.

For real. And I think it works so well because the option of spending actual face-to-face time together regularly is a non-issue. We just stick with constant inappropriate comments and unconditional support. 

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I like to think you guys trash talk about me endlessly.

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You can think that.
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The Kurgan

The Kurgan

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In anything ever happens to my wife, I'm staying single. I never want to deal with dating again.

Oh lord, you're telling me. I haven't been single since 1995. I don't think I'd know how to date again.

I think I like being in a relationship so I can have somebody to be social with without having to leave those house.

Hmm. I've heard of this thing called privacy. I can only imagine what it's like.

I've reached the point that if I take even a week off from the gym or eating healthy I will start gaining weight.

Yeah, the older you get, the worse it becomes. I remember my father telling me about this, in the ancient times when he still lived and I resolved to be stalwart in my singledom and childlessness, and I could just take it for granted that I could run forever if I wanted to. Might as well have been in another age of the world. 


Years went by, and the rigors of life took their toll. Wife with health issues, sons with special needs - autism spectrum stuff, a mother who's in and out of the hospital on a revolving door basis due to tripping and falling all the damned time, a sedentary job. It didn't happen to me all at once, but I not long ago reached a point of something akin to genuine chronic fatigue. Really bad. As in, it being an effort to hold my head up bad. It being an effort to actually just get out of bed. This kind of thing would come and go, but it wasn't getting better on its own. Family members weren't getting any less needy. And I don't mean that in a bitter way. The wife and mom have very real health issues. Arthritis, joint deterioration and so on. Were I to falter, what then? 


I'm 46 now, and a kind of panic hit me. If I was this drained and lethargic now, what would I be like in my 50s? 60s? Even just half a year from now, when I'm going to have to get all the furniture off the top floor so that we can finally get rid of this ridiculous carpeting and get hardwood flooring put in? A near miss with a couple of thugs in my city's downtown last spring reminded me of how important it was to have a reserve of strength and endurance, just in case.


So when the fatigue issues went into remission a bit, I did not waste the recovery. I did treadmill one day, barbell sets the next. Really slow and gentle at first, because pulling a muscle at my age and with my lack of physical conditioning could really bugger me up. So little by little, I've begun to regain what I've lost. It isn't easy now, but what choice do I have. It has helped enormously. Once you hit your 40s, you're a rare and lucky specimen if you're naturally fit and spry. It isn't free anymore. Not for me. 

Zerimar Nyliram

Zerimar Nyliram


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I turned thirty-six yesterday, leaving me just four years away from the big four-oh. Still not married, still don't have a girlfriend, still not settled into my ideal career, still too broke to even think about moving out of my parents' house. As you can imagine, I am dealing with quite a bit of depression and anxiety because of all this.

Destiny Skywalker

Destiny Skywalker

    Actually, I am a rocket scientist

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Kurgan, I've actually encouraged my dad, who just turned 65, to just walk on the treadmill in the winter but increase the incline a little. Walking at 4-5% at 3.5-4 mph can be a decent workout that isn't quite so tough on the joints. But I went from barely being able to jog at 34 to the best shape of my life in a year. It's been a little harder to maintain the last year or so. I do wear out a little quicker and my top speeds have dropped (I'm not aiming to hit 12 mph on the treadmill anymore, I tend to max out at 10 for short sprints, but mostly its 8-9 mph because I'm tired).

I'm turning 38 next month, I've put on about 5 lbs from stress lately, need to start cutting the treats and eating smaller portions. I really hate tracking calories because it makes me neurotic, but I can't keep gaining 5 lbs a year. I can't outrun a bad diet anymore. It kills me because I feel like I eat so much healthier than a lot of people but I swear I gain a pound just looking at a taco.



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I like to think you guys talk about me endlessly.


We know <3



D-Ray Kenobi

D-Ray Kenobi

    Back off man, I'm a scientist.

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Latest epiphany on this: I really don't care anymore.

I've got a few wrinkles and have a little less energy amongst other things, but it doesn't matter.  I can still do all the same stuff I want, just in different and some better ways.  I've still got a head like I'm in my early twenties, but have the resources of someone in their mid thirties. 

So hell yeah, let's go to Galaxy's Edge and Burning Man in 2020.  We won't be able to forever.

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