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Should artists be cancelled?

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El Chalupacabra

El Chalupacabra

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I think that's part of why it was so easy for people to believe about Weinstein. He's behind the scenes, so there aren't those attachments.

That, and people have known about the casting couch phenomenon since the invention of film. 



    The Human Torch

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Similar to this threads idea: I enjoy Disneys Pocahontas, but yeah we all know the issue historically speaking.

I think like Tank said, the outside of the art stuff totally should be part of the conversation if a conversation is to be had, whether that ultimately matters to the piece I guess is why there is conversation.




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98% seems way to high to me, but I have no stats, so I can only convey opinion.  But whatever the number is, I think the court of public opinion too often decides too early on that the person making the accusation is ALWAYS telling the truth, and the accused is ALWAYS guilty.  But that does not take away from legitimate claims and examples of impropriety. I doubt you and I will agree fully, so that is all I have to say on this particular point. 

A thousand times this.
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