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U2, Aerosmith, and RHCP are all garbage.

I would rather read every Lyceum post twice than listen to any Pink Floyd song other than Wish You Were Here

Led Zeppelin is overrated.

Completely proves my point. I'll never get back the time it took to watch that video.

Lol How so?


In an age of Cardi B and Tame Impala, what's more punk than a bunch of bogan Australians sporting mullets (not ironically) singing "go fuck yaself" and being really well received for it? They are doing super well as a young band. They may not be doing anything new, but that is beside the point. They stick out like a sore thumb. And you, a middle aged conservative father (I mean no offense by this) don't like it? Sounds like punk is alive and well to me.

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I think the spirit of punk is alive in a wide variety of genres. Given how affordable music recording gear is now you find people making alt/punk versions of every genre.


I hate HATE mainstream Nashville CMT country music, but love a lot of alt country acts like Handom Family or Cat Power.


there's even alt versions of pop Diva music-- Melanie Martinez comes to mind. Billie Elish sort of fit into this before she blew up. She's a good example of music cross-pollenating. MAYBE in the 90s she could have made it on college charts, but the 80s? No exec would know what to do with her.


I like a few bands that have members who are the children of OG punk rockers, most of them play pop-ish garage rock, but are lyrically as punk AF. FIDLAR comes to mind as my favorite example.

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