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1. Nese vs Murphy was fine but I'm not super into cruiserweights.


2. Women's battle royal was sloppy as hell. Carmella winning is fine since the match is meaningless, but I'm interested as to why Sarah Logan was the one made to look strong in the match. I like her but have never felt like she's had any sort of momentum under her.


3. RAW Tag Title match was slow and boring. I don't know what it is. I loved the Revival in NXT but they're dull as hell on the main roster. I expect Hawkins and Ryder to lose the belts tonight, just like Ryder did with the IC belt a few years ago.


4. Men's battle royal was a joke, and not a good one.


5. Brock/Seth opening the main show was fine, but I'm not sure I like the story of the face needing to cheat to beat the big monster heel.


6. Missed AJ/Orton. Will try to watch it later.


7. Smackdown Tag Title match was fun. Everyone in this match is super talented. I'm pretty bored of the Usos though so I was looking for anyone else to win.


8. Shane/Miz was pointless and no one cares about this feud. Miz doesn't work as a face, he's a natural heel. Get the McMahon's off my TV already.


9. Women's Tag Title match was fine.


10. As I said above, I didn't think they were gonna give it to Kofi leading into the match. Not because of anything wrong with him, just because Bryan's doing such a good job as a heel and winning this would've boosted him even more. I am extremely happy to be wrong. They sucked me in and while I doubt Kofi will be a long term champion, it was definitely the right move to give him the belt.


11. Bummed Joe didn't get a longer match for his first Mania, but no surprise with Rey being hurt. Plus, it helps him look dominant, which he hasn't in a long time.


12. Miss Roman/Drew.


13. I haven't been interested in Triple H in at least 15 years. He always gets the longest matches. He always gets the most elaborate entrances (though someone should tell him it's been like 5 years since Mad Max came out, it's not relevant today). He always executes, but doesn't ever take, the biggest bumps. He always looks the strongest. He always wins the biggest matches. Just like Hogan when he brought Warrior to WCW, Hunter always has to get his win back. Goddamn I'm sick of him as an on screen character.


14. Corbin sucks and has only ever gotten go away heat. This win will do nothing for him. Why the fuck is he still wrestling in work casual clothes?


15. IC match was fine.


16. No way that main event ended the way it was supposed to. It was sudden and looked botched. Like the ref got the go home signal in his ear and counted three no matter how it looked. Thoroughly disappointing main event considering the hype.

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I'm going to talk about the finale right now. The finish was obviously messed up. Not just in pure execution, but in writing the story. Vince got it right in that Becky had to beat Rousey. Having Becky pin her was wrong. Becky's finisher is a submission move. What is one the lasting images of Raw the last 6 months? Other than Becky standing in the crowd with a bloody nose, it was Rousey screaming in the Disarmher when SmackDown invaded. The crowd was tired at that point. If Becky gets Rousey in the Disarmher in the middle of the ring, it's a build until she taps out. The crowd gets to heat up instead of walking up. The rumor is that the WWE wanted to keep Rousey looking strong and didn't want her tapping out. Newsflash. Rousey got KNOCKED OUT in her last two MMA fights. The aura of Baddest Woman on the Planet was gone a long time ago. You shat on it immediately when Stephanie was slapping her around. Rousey needs to hang out with Shayna Bazler. Bazler might not have a ton charisma, but she is miles better than Rousey in the ring.


My wife tapped out last night. She said there was no way she could do what would be in full a 10-12 hour day next year at WrestleMania. She said you and the kids enjoy, I'll watch on TV.


One thing I noticed that I didn't mention last night was Ricochet when he came out last night. The look on his face when he looked out over the crowd told you all you needed to know about how big WrestleMania is.

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