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Best decade for movies?

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With movies though there are many from my childhood that I love which I know if a similar movie came out now I'd have zero interest in it. 

Oh, totally. But look at the quality of nerd posting in this thread. No ones saying I say the 80s because my mind was blown as a kid, everyone is talking about originality of story, writing, direction, cultural impact, etc, etc... film school kind of discussions. No one is clinging to childhood favorites without having at least five reasons beyond it was cool when I was 8 for making the argument.

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Lord Darth Hunter

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Definitely the 80s. Classics in every genre. ESB and ROTJ. The Indiana Jones trilogy. The Back to the Future trilogy. The Terminator. All the other Arnold and Stallone action flicks. The National Lampoons Vacation films. Ghostbusters. The John Hughes teenage coming of age flicks. Batman. The one offs that captured the zeitgeist of the decade such as Top Gun and Footloose. And the Freddy and Jason films plus Michael Myers sequels. I dont think theres another decade thats sprinkled with so much of all types of films like that.




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1930's, 40's and 70's.



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1880s through 2010s.
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