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Your Fantasy Star Wars films.

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El Chalupacabra

El Chalupacabra


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Band of Brothers-style mini-series following either a company of Rebel or Imperial troops (not stormtroopers, either mudtroopers or other troops who may end up being forced to put on the armour and not liking it) in the aftermath of the destruction of the Death Star. To anyone that's read the Battlefront: Twilight Company book, you'll know I'm talking about seeing the battles and struggle of standard troops trying to survive during the big battles that took place in the ill-fated big push by the Rebellion.

I love that idea.  


Years ago when I played the Republic Commandos game (one of my favorite Star Wars games....liked it better than the Battlefront games released around the same time), I had a similar thought that a movie or mini series version of that game could be done in a way similar to Band of Brothers.

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    I'm back

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Rogue One was close enough to what I've been wanting to see for so long that it's definitely one of my top 2 SW movies. I've always loved the fluff books from SW that don't concern the Skywalkers (the Wraith Squadron series and the early Traviss books in particular), so Twilight Company was really top notch for me. It's just a shame that the Battlefront 2 book was so piss poor.

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    The Human Torch

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Maybe a film about the moisture farmer industry on Tatooine, titled There Will Be Blue Milk.

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