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Jordan Peterson

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Or Dr (prof?) Peterson... I've been watching some of his debates/talks.. And I kinda can't fault what he has to say. But he's a conservative "traditionalist". Does that mean Im getting old? Or that Im persuaded by eloquent public speakers? Cause I find his analysis of society, politics and psychology to be pretty spot on.


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Not familiar with him or his work at all, but a quick wiki search seems to indicate he is a critic of current liberal arts studies, and pick-your-ism in academia, and states these disciplines have been co-opted by Marxists.   He has also argued that there is a lack of professionalism, objectivity, and peer review in many  works in disciplines like gender studies, 3rd wave feminism, or ethnic studies. I can't speak intelligently about Jordan Peterson per se, but he isn't entirely wrong.   I have studied history and museum studies, which are lefty disciplines, and I have to say much of the mundane stuff I had to read about was Marxist theory, Foucault, Derrida, and the like, as well as worked around or taken classes with people pursuing degrees like women's/ethnic/social justice/gender studies, etc. I have to agree that is the biggest complaint I would have about them: their methodology of reaching conclusions.  They are often not very scientific or fact based.  Often times, they start out with a conclusion, and look for facts that fit that conclusion, rather than following where the facts take them.

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