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Punisher Season 2

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Season 1 was definitely better. At this point Bernthal clearly owns the role for life, though later in the season I snickered a little whenever he started doing that berserker-rage "ROOOOAAAAARRRR!!!1!!!" of his. (Right after finishing this, shifting gears to his guest-starring role in Kimmy Schmidt was seriously jarring.)


Performances among the good guys were generally top-notch (very happy to see Curtis get more screen time, and Dinah was less irritating), but dividing the season between two different storylines didn't work for me. Jigsaw was a half-neutered rerun and John Pilgrim felt like some kind of attempt at a Garth Ennis homage that arrived stillborn.


Best action sequence: bar fight in ep. 1.



I still havent watched Iron Fist 2 or Daredevil 3. After The Defenders I've just been very uninterested.

Daredevil 3 was one of the best Marvel Netflix seasons. IF2 was...uhhhhh, yeah, you're good.

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