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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


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Be forewarned, I'm gonna talk spoilers, and I'm going to ask for spoilers while I'm at it. Seriously, if you can answer any of the millions of questions I am about to launch into, please do so.





Okay, so, I spent about 90 minutes with Bandersnatch over the holiday, which got me through about five endings or so, and I'm still confused about a few things that internet articles don't seem to be touching. And I don't really have the time to play the whole movie over again and again to answer said questions.


I decided to try to do right by Stefan off the bat, which they REALLY don't want you to do. Now, on the first go-around meeting Thakur and Colin, neither of them knew anything about Bandersnatch other than that the author was a murderous nutcase. But after I had Stefan accept the offer to make the game at the offices with Colin, the game bombs and Stefan declares he's going to start again, it bumped me back to the meeting scene - except this time Colin is a huge Bandersnatch nerd right off the bat, later giving Stefan a VHS documentary he taped off of TV that does a deep dive into exactly what kind of insanity the author was caught up in that sets Stefan off into the events of the last part of the film. If I were to have had Stefan decline the offer up front, would Colin still be the person who hands off the documentary and gets the "Kill Dad" part of the story rolling? Other than making multiple re-watches interesting by giving them some variety, what was the point of changing that, anyway?


Speaking of Colin, I decided to follow him home instead of seeing the therapist, which of course leads to the drug and philosophy bender that ends with the very foreshadowed by "Nozedyve" suicide scene. I went with Colin taking the plunge. After that, I got two really weird scenes toward the end of the movie - one where Kitty, who VERY CLEARLY was in the apartment for the suicide and was explicitly shown discovering Colin's body in that scene goes to Stefan's house to ask if he had seen her missing husband. There was an option to tell her that he jumped... that I didn't choose, because why tf would she have to ask, she saw his body? I figured that I got looped back to a portion of the movie where Colin didn't die... except there was an option to tell her he had jumped.


And again... the game development company is all abuzz that Colin "went missing," but then I got another scene after "Kill Dad" where Thakur and Colin are talking about Stefan in Thakur's office. So... is there a version where Colin never goes missing or kills himself, and I accidentally stumbled on that?


And then there's Dad. And P.A.C. Which I assumed was Stefan's insanity manifesting triggered by Colin's monologue about how disturbing and real Pac Man is, except Dad was shown locking that door at the beginning of the movie, so we've established he has secrets before Stefan's descent into madness. Was Stefan really subjected to complex psychological experiments as a kid? I got that scene... and than just that fast I made decisions that got me out of that whole storyline without meaning to, so wtf? I had spoiled myself and knew that a few of the endings involve "Kill Dad," so I assumed that was Stefan's motivation for doing so... nope, unless you initiate "Kill Dad" right then and there (seriously, how many leaded glass ashtrays does that guy have?). Apparently there's an ending where you can have Stefan join his mom on the train ride and he dies as a little kid, but no one seems to be touching the implications of the P.A.C. experiments scene that I can see.


Anyway. Choose your own adventure movies, am I right?

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