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THE Question of the Season

A Seasonal Question 4U  

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  1. 1. What do you think about Love, Actually?

    • It is an Absolute Classic that I make a point to watch at least once every Christmas, but usually more like three or four times, let's be real.
    • It is the worst movie ever made. See below for my detailed analysis of why that is.
    • It was cute.
    • RomComs aren't my thing.
    • I saw it once, and honestly forgot about its existence until you brought it up just now.
    • I have never understood why this movie is so polarizing.
    • I have no idea what this thread is about.

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Love, Actually, the movie everyone either loves or loves to hate for Christmas, is turning 15 this year, and respected news sites are already posting their annual hot takes. Might as well add our own to the mix - in poll form!

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I saw it when it came out and haven't had the burning desire to see it again.


Oddly, after a decade if it being ubiquitous, I have the desire to see Christmas Story again.


And Christmas Vacation is a gold standard.

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If you want, we can still tell her why she's wrong.


I don't understand people who hate it. At worst, it's a generic rom-com, and better than a lot of them. But it's certainty no Casablanca.


My experience with it is all tied up in memories of an ex-girlfriend who dumped me for another guy right after Christmas, and her trying to get back with me the next Christmas when we saw it together. I thought it was really good, and I've watched it with my wife, but that memory still is intertwined with it.


The movie wasn't good enough to make me fall in love with her again.

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Is there any movie that's good enough to make you fall in love with your ex again if you have no other real inclination to do so?


I can't even remember why I first saw it, since RomComs usually aren't my thing, especially the really formulaic 90's RomComs. But it was and is cute and charming and watching it with my mom and grandma at Christmas is an enjoyable tradition... albeit one that we don't cry about if we forget to watch it one year.


I can understand why it appeals strongly to some people. I can understand why some people might never have an interest in watching it, or might give it a shot and dislike it. I just don't understand why people trot out emotional opinion pieces about it every Black Friday FIFTEEN YEARS after the movie came out.

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I do hope the professional statement on Seth's resume is "I write movies that are so good, they'll make you fall in love with your ex again."


Although, depending on the level of crazy that caused the breakup in the first place, that might not be the best selling point.


Also, Fozzie, I just realized that your story about your ex is basically the entire plot of Wham's Last Christmas.

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'I've never gotten the Christmas Vacation love. Though I'll admit I've only watched it all the way through once. I like European Vacation more."


Are you KIDDING ME?? Let's review:


European Vacation


Highlights: Audrey missing Jack

The German 'relatives'


downsides: How many people have been to Europe vs. celebrated Christmas with the family?


Christmas Vacation:




Juliette Lewis and Johnny Galecki> Dana hill and Jason Lively


Aunt Bethany's cat-the box AND electrocution


Cousin Eddie's dickie


I'll take your concession speech any time.


but to the point:



I still get the feels from this movie. I love Sam's romance. I like the song. I like Sam's dad :)


I am a sucker for a Cinderella story line and I like Hugh Grant. I also like how all the characters end up intersecting in this film.


I loved Alan Rickman but didn't like him in this-or maybe it was just his character


But I can see being over this in a few more holiday viewings

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I liked it when I first saw it and generally sit through it if it's on, not sure what it says about me.



That you're a pretty normal person who will re-visit a movie that based on this poll seems to be held in the general opinion that it's perfectly fine and enjoyable if formulaic?

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There's no option for I've never seen it


There's two - "RomComs aren't my thing" and "I have no idea what this thread is about."


I wouldn't say either of those two options fit me, and I still haven't seen the movie. It's one of those movies I suspect I'd enjoy, but never got around to watching.



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I saw it once ages ago. I remember it was cute, and the scarring sight of Bill Nighy's butt, which I'm pretty sure wiped the rest of the movie out of my mind.

I... think Love, Actually is the only Hugh Grant movie I've ever seen.

But I could see why British guys in general would have a vendetta against him.

Usually I can take or leave him, but About a Boy is a keeper.

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It's no Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (1970), or Metropolitan (1990), or Gremlins (1984), or The Lion In Winter (1968), or A Midnight Clear (1992), or Die Hard (1988), or Elf (2003), or Cash On Demand (1961), or The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) or The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), or Eyes Wide Shut (1999), but it's still a perfectly acceptable Christmas film!

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