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Assumptions you made about the PT before seeing it.

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Filthy Jawa

Filthy Jawa

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Anything that focused on Padme/3PO was awful. And Ziro the Hutt. I remember the Jar Jar episode being somewhat redeeming, but still not great. The rest was good or at least okay.

I couldn't figure out if it was intentional or not, but the character dynamics really reminded me of Batman.
Serious master Obi-Wan and impetuous young Anakin, Batgirl-esque Ahsoka and a rotating rogues gallery including a flirtatious catwoman Ventress (favourite character in the series). And the way Grievous always left clues in the form of riddles...

Guest_El Chalupacabra_*

Guest_El Chalupacabra_*
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Agreed on the Padme/C3PO episodes, and Ziro.  And the Jar Jar episode wasn't great, or even good.  Just OKAY, and I didn't HATE it.  


Never thought of the Batman TAS comparison, but now that you mention it, I see it now.

Zerimar Nyliram

Zerimar Nyliram

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Ventress was okay on the show, but her character was much better in the Republic comics. Like her original appearance on Tartakovsky's micro-series, she struggles with fear and cowardice, which is a major hangup for her and prevents her from being an effective dark-sider.

You didn't see too much of that on Filoni's show. There we was petty much your typical "bad ass bitch."

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