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So....The Mandalorian

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5 hours ago, Fozzie said:

Actors are also more replaceable than NFL-level football players. Especially in large groups. And NFL players have a union that protects them.

I like and respect Jedi Cool, but I think that even if you assume the two are the same, the football player most known for activism that made conservatives angry was canceled by those conservatives who claim to hate cancel culture. He was fired and then owner colluded to ensure he would never play football again.  This woman is just not being hired and we only have rumors and assumptions that she was ever going to work for Lucasfilm again. For all we know, they were done with her. 

But, I also 100% believe that a private company has a right to fire a spokesperson for their public statements. And an actor is a spokesperson for a company, way more than some football player that’s wearing a uniform that covers his face.

i am just going to straight out and say it.  I fucking hate cancel culture as much as whataboutism.  Both are arguments used by people who have the critical thinking and debating skills of a 6th grader.  Now, I am totally ok with people who have a problem with something an artist or celebrity did to the degree that it bothers them so much they can't enjoy that person in said medium.  I also have zero problem with Carano being not hired back. 

Think about it.  MOST jobs, if you start spouting off on social media, and it is something that is contrary to your employer's standards, they will fire you if they get wind of it.  I just have a problem with people calling for a cancel of someone saying something dumb as if that should follow them the rest of their live and should be deprived of making a living.  But private companies have the right to fire people who act or say stupid things. 

FOr example, if I posted a FB message calling out some of my fellow employees in an insulting manner, and my employer finds out, you know at the very least I am getting counseled in writing.  If I continue, then my employer can and will fire me.  

That is what happened here with Carano.  Being an entertainment company, rules are different than her previous job.  In fact,  actors should be held to a higher standard because they have a platform most don't have.  We saw what happens when a president literally tells people they need to fight like hell, and then they riot.  So, what that means is Carano (and she likely signed paperwork to this effect) needed to VOLUNTARILY give up a little personal freedom, in exchange for a job that makes money and grants fame few ever attain.  Instead she shot her mouth off and continued to alienate customers. So, she got what she deserved.  

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Hearing people complain about the Mandalorian makes me think no one will ever be satisfied with new Star Wars no matter how good it is. As someone else said, the first 2 episodes are better than all o

It's not selfish if you are good at it. 

Calm down Karen.

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If her general personality is anything like her responses to her Tweets, then there's a real good chance that they've been looking for reasons to fire her anyway. I can't imagine her taking any direction well.

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We finally finished it.

I was really disappointed with the New Republic, especially with the prison planet. It seemed what one would expect from the Empire or Arizona.

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