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The Great Netflix Teen Rom-Com Revival


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I'm not even particularly ashamed to admit that I have watched both To All The Boys I've Loved Before and Sierra Burgess is a Loser. I hear The Kissing Booth is pretty terrible, so I avoided that one.


It was reviews and thinkpieces on mostly adult-female-targeted websites that got me watching, everyone is raving about how these movies are just adorable little formulaic escapes from every horrible thing in the world where smart but awkward teenage girls take risks and make mistakes and learn and grow from their mistakes and eventually end up with Noah Centenio, who is very good at playing sweet teenage sapiosexuals and seems to be the only teen heartthrob Netflix has access to. And they're all very correct, these movies are like eating a homemade pie - sweet and satisfying but with a distinctly wholesome, innocent feeling you don't get from pounding a king-sized bag of candy (aka basically everything the Disney Channel has ever produced). And I appreciate that they're not all about love and makeovers - To All The Boys is as much about family as it is about romance, and Sierra Burgess is basically reverse Mean Girls with a Cyrano de Bergerac plot device.


Also, I'm pretty sure someone was tailing me in high school to come up with the Sierra Burgess character.


Anyone else reliving their youth with these movies?

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