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Who moderates the Lyceum?

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He's not the hero we deserve... or want. Or need. He was the hero that was just sorta there.

Yeah, who the hell uses their phone to browse nightly? Gross.

So I've been poking around the archives...   Those things have to go. Like...go go. *shudders*

I say we treat the past like the Star Wars EU.


If people want it, tell them to keep it for themselves, while we obliterate and de-canonize it. We go into the future clean and enjoy it, and just smile and nod when that one person obsessed with something that happened in the Lando System 15 years ago keeps bringing it up.


I’d also remove the forums. BLACKOUT BOARDS 4 EVA

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Do we need it? Probably not. Am I going to take the time to change things? Maybe. Do I like answering my own questions? Yes, living in a home with small children it's the only way I get an answer the first time.


My suggestion would be to move everything one year or newer into a general forum, with maybe a subforun for games (fantasy football, etc.)


I'd want to go through the archives and keep some stuff, but I'd hide it under a group for 1,000+ post users. Anyone who has posted that much may want to look at things (I would personally miss some of the creative writing, like Thunderdroid's stuff).

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