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You know how sometimes you end up accidentally writing something...?

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A little backstory: I'm in charge of the content on this employee recognition and company announcement slide show that plays on a loop in the company break room. Starting a few years ago, the CEO started putting these inspirational quotes from this quote-a-day calendar made for women entrepreneurs in his weekly notes to the company. I started putting them in the slide show not long after he started putting them in his notes (he didn't ask me to, I needed content). This has been going on for a couple of years now... and I noticed that he's been using the same calendar this whole time, and the calendar itself was already old. So, I started replacing them with sound-alike quotes I wrote from the perspective of a woman in the 80's. And when I ran out of those, I wrote quotes from the 90's. But I went for the 50's for the next round - the 2050's. I spent some time looking up the predictions about the state of transhumanism in 2050, and wrote quotes from the perspective of a biohacked human. And it's starting to read like really weirdly sappy sci-fi microfiction.


“You spend all day working with the Metaverse in your head. Make sure you turn your neural/computer interface off each evening and be present and engaged with your family and friends.”


“All nine billion people on Earth have a story and a purpose. What’s yours?”


“Not seeing a clear solution to a problem may make you want to have your bionic lenses checked, but the best way to see a solution is to fully understand the problem.”


“The Metaverse does not have all the answers! Even today, there’s still discoveries to be made by getting out into the world, getting your hands dirty, making mistakes, and finding joy in the process of learning.”


I have two weeks to tweak these and write more.


If the CEO has noticed, he hasn't said anything.

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