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Jean-Luc Picard is Back

Poe Dameron

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Guest El Chalupacabra

I am down for a miniseries that is set post Nemesis. Maybe Jean Luc as either a retired Admiral who is brought back as a consultant, or an ambassador (to Vulcan, considering he mind-melded with Sarek and Spock). It would be bonus if the rest of TNG cast members (or those willing to return), as well as DS9/Voy cast members appear, too.



But if Picard is only set to appear on STD, or if we get a senile Irumodic Syndrome afflicted Picard, I am totally out.


STD goes without saying as I am well documented as being on the record for hating that show. As for old man senile Picard, he would be good at acting that, but we already got that in AGT, and sort of saw that again in Logan. I want to see Picard older, maybe even dealing with old age and retirement like Kirk in TWOK, but he needs to be more or less healthy.

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