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He's a TV guy originally. You write TV with an endless string of hooks. It's soap opera 101. He LIVES for the hook. Lost and Alias lived and died by the hook/cliffhanger.


He also came up on super high concept 70s/80s movies where the idea was always more important than the landing. He's all about the journey and endings were never a thing he got hung up on as a viewer, so he doesn't sweat them as a writer.


In movies, he hooks over and over, which is great-- but he always runs out of time and hands his characters what they need.


Ethan Hunt manages to get the rabbit's foot and his girlfriend in the same building.


Kirk fails his way to the Captains chair through no logical means. He washed out of the academy and yet, takes command of a ship full of actual officers.


The kid in Super 8 is just magically not killed by the monster so he can figure out what is going on.


With TFA, he knew there was a trilogy so he really didn't have to worry about it. He can close out some smaller arcs-- but still end on a hook.


Ep9 is the first time he's made the third part of a trilogy that needs to have a resolved ending. So it will be really interesting to see what he does.


also, I have a meeting at Bad Robot next week so I may come back and delete this.

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Hopefully they just did an MS Word find & replace and changed Leia to Lando. Including an emotional scene with Ben, so we find out that Lando is his real mother.

He's a TV guy originally. You write TV with an endless string of hooks. It's soap opera 101. He LIVES for the hook. Lost and Alias lived and died by the hook/cliffhanger.   He also came up on super h

I like all 4 of the Disney movies, to me they are just gifts I never expected to get. Hopefully IX will keep that going and I suspect it will.

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Just to respond to what you said, and in case you have to delete, I won't get specific. But thank you for laying it all out. I agree, I think I am most interested to see how the ST is closed out, if it in fact is closed out. It may be over for the Skywalkers, but maybe not for some of the newer characters.


What I want to see is (no particular order):

  1. How Leia is handled.
  2. I still want to know for sure what Rey's heritage is. Doesn't matter what it is, just needs to be clear, especially if Rey doesn't come back for anymore movies. If they ignore this, I won't like that.
  3. I want to see how Luke is handled, preferably he returns as a force ghost. We know MH is returning, but I don't want to see a situation where it is just some holo video cameo, or flashback/memory told by another character.
  4. If this is the last Skywalker movie, even though he is technically a Solo, I want to see Kylo Ren's ultimate fate. Preferably he does not get redeemed.
  5. I don't want Lando's character to be a caricature for cheap laughs. And if he gets killed off, or at least killed off in a dumb way, I won't like that, either.


I agree with most of this but I don't get #2. Rey's heritage is made perfectly clear through both TFA and TLJ.

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We've disagreed on this one before, lol. I just don;t get it. You want to find out if she was acutally a young padawan, there is zero to suggest this. There is zero to suggest she is related to Luke or Leia. Why would Rey even think that? Just because many people speculated wrongly before TFA and then again before TLJ doesn't mean there is actually anything to suggest she is anything than what's been said thus far.


Everyone in TFA thinks she is nuts for wanting to go back to Jakku to wait for her family, every single character she come across thinks this. Maz flat out tells her whoever she is waiting for on Jakku isn;t coming back, but SOMEONE ELSE could, meaning Luke.


She meets Luke who has no idea who she is and asks her for her name and where she is from.


Kylo tells her he knows who her parents are. He doesn't even tell her, Rey herself says "they were nobody" and then Kylo elaborates. He isn't even the one to tell her, she knew herself the whole time and was lying to herself on some level.


That point isn;t them addressing some issue in the movies, its them changing the story to correspond to a thought you had probably going back to before TFA came out and which you can't accept you were wrong about.


It's kinda amazing, Lucas said back in 1980 he wondered how children would react to Vader telling Luke he was his father. He was told kids wouldnt believe it and would think Vader was lying. Now nearly 40 years later those same kids don't believe what they've been told in the middle movie of a trilogy again. It's kinda funny.


The rest I agree with


1-ofcourse I think everyone is interested in seeing what they do with Leia.


3-Yeah, Luke needs to be a ghost. He can;t be some kind of recording. I'd be shocked if he wasnt a ghost though.


4-Yeah, Kylo should die but not be redeemed.


5-Lando needs ot have a small but important role.

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Rey should've been a Kenobi. Shell probably be a no-one which is a wasted opportunity.


I don't see how resolution is going to come in one more film. Kylo is still an angry teenager. He cant step up to become ultimate villain and then be killed off in the same film. We (or I) need to see more of him as an actual threat. The embodiment of a superweapon. An unstoppable force. Cause there has been nothing to really threaten the lives of Rey or the resistance. Not once while watching either TFA or TLJ did I think, "oh shit how are they going to get out of this one?". Whereas when you watch Empire, the moment Luke leaves his training for Cloud City you think "ahh shit this isnt good". And by the time he is facing Vader its hard to imagine how he's going to get out alive. That hasn't happened once in the ST. Rey just breezes her way through everything (which is even more irritating knowing she's a nobody) and Kylo cant become a big of enough threat to challenge anyone but his parents.

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I'd be surprised if was real. If it is real, then it's more likely to be an internal thing for showing a composition instead of final content, with the characters just being placeholders. No Rose either (so +1 for a fan-wank).

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It's that-- retail display.


It uses pictures of characters in costumes from images that leaked, but in different pose, which in turn match leaked set photos of actors. That's pretty hard to fake. So I'd say it's real, or at the very least, made by somebody close enough to production that has legit elements to work with.

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