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I'll ride the middle again. I do think the ST could have made things more clear in a lot of ways with just a few lines here and there. But at the same time, the EU novels got way to esoteric and exacting for my likes and killed the mythic feels.

I don't disagree at all. The EU novels (at least those I read) do have their issues as you say. Just saying the New Republic should have been more directly involved in opposing the First Order like how the EU novels did with the Imperial Remnant.


See I think the thing is though you have to let go of this kinda stuff. No movie is ever going to fit in exactly what you want, its not possible. And when I say "you" I mean anyone.


I also think there are probably more hints about the Republic's involvement than we realize at first blush. Remember that Hux in his speech does say that the New Republic is backing the Resistance. Also, if the Republic was truly not opposing the First Order in any way there is no real reason to attack it anyway. Seems to me based on what Hux says there are at least elements in the Republic that are covertly backing the Resistance in an attempt to slow down the advance of the First Order while having deniability and avoiding another large scale war.


I'm extrapolating from Hux's speech alot and I get that but I think the last thing anyone wants is government debates about whether to get involved in a war. I think the OT has similar things also. Do we really know what the Alliance is in the OT from the movies? Is the Rebellion just a bunch of volunteers from across the Galaxy or are there entire systems in open rebellion to the Empire? It's far from clear. Same goes with the Empire itself. It's a galaxy wide government but they don't even know the mine on Bespin exists? Its kinda up in the air. What matters is the Empire is bad and kills people and blows up planets. I think the same applies here.


For me as a 41 year old Star Wars nerd I'd love to have a bit more of what people are saying here ahout the background and what exactly the state of the galaxy is. I understand though that's not what the mass audience cares about, not what younger audiences care about and not what makes Star Wars great. So I am more than happy to enjoy what we do get and understand that no one from Lucasfilm is ever going to sit down with me and say "hey what exactly do you want?"

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Title and a 90 second teaser.


This is what we got at Celebration before TFA (Force is Strong in my family.... Chewie, we're home):


And before TLJ (Reach out, what do you see.... Time for the Jedi... to end):

fuck that teaser for TFA is amazing. Still makes me emotional seeing it. When that first came out I was in tears.

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I was thinking about it last night and it's an insanely difficult thing to name a Star Wars movie (at least in this 9 part series. Going forward they can probably do anything they want, as they have with the anthology films).


It should:

A: convey some reference to the theme or plot of the movie

B: somewhat reference those B-movie serial titles Star Wars was originally riffing on

C: sound good enough to the guys in marketing


The OT and the PT did those in varying degrees. The ST seems to have shied away from B in the name of C.

As you say AotC sounds horrible to you, but it's the one that most embraces B. In that regard it's a very successful title, but in terms of C it's horrible.

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I'm not clicking on the spoiler because I'd love for it to land if we don't know it until the end of the teaser.


But I'm also skeptical that leak is correct because of A) the way they were able to keep Endgame under wraps and B) I frequent the Star Wars Leaks reddit, and as recently as this morning, there wasn't any indication that the title had leaked from a good source.


I'll click on your spoiler about 1:15 today though :D

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I'm not that fussed about the title. The one in that spoiler tag is OK, but I would had gone for something a little more ominous.


Just hoping the trailer (if I decide to watch it immediately) draws me back in to this trilogy because I'm not in to it at the moment (for various reasons).

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