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Ant-Man and The Wasp

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Generally enjoyed the movie, though I was a bit disappointed as the best parts really were in the trailer. I thought this was going to be Thor: Ragnarok levels going for it, but they didn't quite pull the trigger. Budget considerations perhaps. Still, worth seeing and nothing objectionable here. Thoughts before I head off to work:


-One thing not in the trailer that was a major delight was the little girl they brought in. I usually hate scenes with kids, but she was cute as can be and part of me wishes that she and Paul Rudd could just get their own movie together. Heck, give me a full-on Full House vibed sitcom with them. He certainly had a better rapport with her than Evangeline Lilly.


-Speaking of which, yeah, Evangeline Lilly wasn't all that great. Technically she'll go down as the first titular Marvel hero, but it's going to be completely forgotten by history. There just wasn't anything interesting with her and her chemistry with Rudd fell flat.


-Everyone in my theater was apparently an idiot because they didn't see the mid-credit dusting thing happen from a mile away. Same with a lot of the gags in the movie like the Altoids.


-The magic trick stuff had some clever callbacks though.


-Soon after Black Panther came out, there was some debate about whether Shuri was the smartest Marvel character and it basically came down between her and Tony Stark, with Bruce Banner tossed in. I'd take Tony Stark myself, the man can build a mini-"arc reactor" in a cave with a box of scraps. However, really, Hank Pym keeps getting forgotten which is weird since he's a solid step above both of them and even in the comics is probably only overtaken by Doom and Reed Richards.


-Scott's ant stand-in was a nice gag, though it was a mistake redoing the drum bit for the end credit scene.


-Fun watching Paul Rudd playing Michelle Pfeiffer, but her part in her own rescue just felt weird and forced.


-It felt like there were a few scenes marked as "let Michael Peña have fun", but it was pretty harmless as he is a funny character. He was shoehorned in a bit though.


-Really, that was a lot of the movie's problem. There were ideas that were just forced in there. They wanted a scene where Ant-Man is kid-sized, so they went out of there way to put one there. They wanted another scene between Rudd and his little girl, so he has to leave the main story for about 15 minutes, apparently long enough to get home, while Hank and Hope stand around waiting for the feds to arrive even though they've been warned they're on their way. Need to make that detour happen? Have Scott tell Luis his location because Luis couldn't possibly add a couple motion sensors to a plan on his own.


Ant-Man's size regulator seems to be the most convenient "works when it's convenient" plot device. Heck, it started from Michael Douglas's flashback and kept right on going through Scott not being able to get small again.


-Also, a lot seems to have happened in those two hours, right? The clock starts and then Scott runs home. He gets all the way back and then Hank and Hope get arrested. They go all the way to the FBI where they're rescued. Then they drive to the lab through San Francisco without any problem (good luck). Then Hank breaks in and starts his dive with a solid 15 minutes left on the clock.


Not bad for 105 minutes.


-Was Ghost a good villain? Eh, I suppose she was fine.

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Disagree with a lot of that but good call on the 2 hours. I was wondering the same thing. Not as bad as you see in movies where a 30 second countdown takes 4 minutes though. LOL


Ghost was an awesome villain because she wasn't "MWA HA HA!!! FOR THE EVILUTZ!!!"


This was a scaled down movie with personal not global stakes and she was perfect for that.


Nice to see Boyd Crowder got out of prison and went straight back to crime!

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I'm so far into a superhero malaise that I honestly can't discern the entertainment value of these movies with any real accuracy anymore. Uh, it was better than the first, for sure. Ant Man 1 was super milquetoast, this had a lot more depth and creativity; and the comic relief landed much more this time. My major complaint is that there's almost no character development with the Scott and Hope characters. One starts off as a good dad who's trying to get out of house arrest, and he ends the film the same. The other is trying to find her mom, and does so. Neither one seems to learn anything new about their relationship with heroism or whatever, just maybe that 'partnership is good?' It just felt like: event a) get mom out of purgatory ... event b) get out of jail... and keep everyone else from keeping us from doing... those things. Not that I don't enjoy the smaller narratives, but it never felt like there were any real consequences. And it wasn't quite funny enough to justify it as a comedy.

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I liked it, but nothing was really a surprise. I will say as soon as we sat down my son asked if I shut off a stove burner that I had forgotten once earlier in the day. I left him there, raced home, checked the stove, went back to the theater having missed everything up to right before the hotel restuarant action and I was able to pick up and roll with everything sans questions.


The kid says its in his top 5, over both Infinity War and Black Panther. He also loves, Homecomimg, GOTG, Ragnarok and IM1. He likes the funnier ones.

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