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"Dark Tide I: Onslaught": Book 2 in The New Jedi Order

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chapter 25:

Anakin and Mara are treated for their injuries. Leia notes the arrival of more storms to make the plight here worse when Elegos urges her to eat. He comments that Anakin must be strong in the Force to accomplish what he did. She admits he’s brave and wants his uncle to be proud of him.

Elegos asks her why she chose to name her son after her father. Leia tells him that, though many don’t accept it, Anakin Skywalker atoned for the evil he’d done by preventing the Emperor from doing anything else. She wanted to redeem the name.

She’s reconsidering that now. She knows she contains part of Anakin inside of her and that she and Luke inherited the good parts. There are darker things, too. Naming Anakin after him, she made the name innocent again.

He sees that she wanted to purge her fears of Darth Vader by placing on Anakin what her father could have been or once was. Many parents vow to counter the mistakes of their own parents by vowing to raise their children differently. He suspects she’s trying to prove that her father never would have become what he had if the circumstances were different.

She knows she’s placed a burden on Anakin that is unfair. Elegos thinks he can handle it. If he were drawn to the Dark Seide, he would have used it to save Mara on their flight. He admits that being a pacifist makes times like these difficult. He would avoid them if he could, but the Vong do not seem amenable to reasoning or negotiating. He will be on the command shuttle, firing the weapons.

He will not forget what happens here, but he would not want to remember having stood by and not helped. Perhaps, he can spare someone else the burden of killing if he can take up that task for himself.

Luke sits with Mara, trying not to wake her, and failing. He is proud of her survivor mentality. It reminds him of his Aunt Beru who is so unlike Mara in every way save she knew how to defy a world that fought her daily.

He tells her he should have sent her to Ithor or some other world further from the Rim. Mara isn’t sure that would have helped. They don’t know how long the Vong have been here or how far they’ve gotten. For all they know, they could have put scouts on any number of worlds.

Their defenses are adequate here, but they can’t hold out forever. Luke may not be thinking about that, but his sister is considering the hard questions. He admits she’s his primary concern because Anakin said she was weakening.

Mara tells him how Anakin thinks her proximity to the Vong is affecting her illness. There is a connection she felt between herself and the beetles on Belkadan, but that’s not why she’s getting weaker. She didn’t understand it until they started running here.

Coming here to rest was a mistake. The disease was cutting her off from the Force. Only by drawing it to her was she able to combat the affects. She needs to get back to who she was, a fighter.

As long as she’s fighting, she’s not dying.


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chapter 26:

Inside the ship, Ganner and Trista are talking. The two Jedi had found the meteorological station a mess. Four sets of footprints settle the matter. Vil and Denna had been captured.

Dr. Pace approaches him and asks if he knows what he’s doing. Corran can’t be sure. Visions are rare and none are coming to him anyway. He and Ganner surveil the village every day, watching the Vong and the slaves take samples of the soil and poke the sand as if they were searching for something. He suspects what they are looking for is now packed in Dr. Pace’s crates.

Because the magnetic field of the planet shifts from time to time, the Vong may not have realized their coordinates were off. They haven’t show up at the cave yet, despite having captured Vil and Denna.

The two students are alive and being held in a large shell, but they are not well. There have been no more murders, but the slaves are dwindling in number. The growths on their bodies are larger. Only two warriors are visible but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more.

He has to believe the rescue mission will succeed and, since it can’t if there are more, then he must hold on to the hope that there are only two. Ganner is pressuring him to act, reminding him that none of the students would be in danger if they’d just attacked that first night.

He knows Dr. Pace is uncomfortable with part of the plan. He and Ganner are going to slip into the camp and free Vil and Denna. Trista will fly the ship in and spray the village with the stuff Jens has been synthesizing, then they all leave.

Pace reminds him they will be leaving the slaves behind in a contaiminated camp that will be overrun with slashrats. Corran wants her to trust what he and Ganner have sensed. Their humanity is being stripped away and they will not survive much longer. The growths may be infectious. He hopes that isn’t the case with Vil and Drenna. If they are sick, however, they will have to be left behind.

If they’re not, they are put in evac suits, with Ganner and Corran, to make sure they don’t pass on anything to the others. She asks if he expects her to kill all four of them. Corran reminds her that some choices aren’t easy. There are many people who would be unhappy if he was to die, but he cannot choose between himself and the potential infection of billions. He saw the Krytos virus at work. He knows what the better choice is.


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chapter 27:

Inside the shuttle, Impervious, Jaina and the other pilots are briefed by Colonel Darklighter. He tells them they will be providing air support to keep the coralskippers from troubling the ground forces. Rogue and Salvage Squadrons will be doing that. Tough Squadron will be responsible for harassing any Vong ground troops.

They don’t know what Vong ground craft look like, but they’ve simulated one that looks like a beetle since they know the Vong use those. They must be overwhelmed with laser fire and then shot with a torpedo.

Jaina thinks they can make it hard for the dovin basals to contain the energy of a proton torpedo in the first place. They can program the torps and missles so they are getting targeting data from the ships constantly and have them detonate prematurely when a gravitic anomaly is positioned to intercept them. The explosion will release the energy, the black hole might suck some in, but the rest would cause damage elsewhere. The shock wave and the heat would also help.

Gavin warns them that this will not be a fair fight, it won’t be pretty, but it will be necessary because the refugees are not warriors. If they have to fight, it’s because the starfighters have failed.

Jacen has finished his watch, eaten and tried to sleep, but couldn’t. He sends the watchman off to his children and takes over. The vision has confused Jacen. He’d thought it was real, but had run into disaster when he’d tried to follow it.

Most of Luke’s greatest accomplishments had happened before Jacen was born. He’d known his uncle all his life but had never saw him the way others had. He knew Luke was a legend, but had never a real example of why until the rescue.

Danni approaches him and they talk about how her burgeoning Force skills are allowing her to sense fear everywhere. They talk about the nature of courage. He also mentions the strange buzzing in the Force that he and Luke are associating with the Vong slaves. He expects the first wave of attackers will be just that. The Vong will test the defenses without wasting real warriors.

Two weeks ago, he thought he could only reach his potential by retreating into himself. Now he sees a real need for his help. The rest of the galaxy may look upon the Jedi with suspicion, but here, in the camp, people look at his uncle with pride. Children bat each other with sticks and make buzzing sounds. It’s good to provide hope to people.

Still, he doesn’t know if he couldn’t have understood the vision better if he’d been more developed in the Force. Perhaps it was true up to a point until something or someone altered it. But, if things, had gone as he thought, they wouldn’t be here to rescue Mara and Anakin. Luke says that the future is always in motion.

They both may revisit their choices when this is over. She may marry and have children. Jacen tries not to think of how he finds her attractive, since she’s several years older than he and he’s just a teenager. She admits things might be different if they were closer in age, but does thank him for bringing some of her things back from Belkadan.

For now, she is glad to have him as a friend. Jacen has had crushes before, but this is outside the academy and she’s the first woman he’s been attracted to outside that setting. He does admit that having a friend is a treasure.

Anakin visits Luke who asks him for a walk. Luke tells that he did a wonderful job taking care of Mara. He never thought sending them here would demand so much of Anakin. If he’d known, he never would have, but he’s glad he did.

Anakin did the best he could. He’s sorry he couldn’t save the Jade Sabre or their other things. Luke tells him there is no reproof. He did exactly what he had to this time, just as he did at Sernpidal. In the moment Anakin made that last stand for Mara, he blazed so brightly in the Force that Luke knows they never could have taken him down.

He will let Anakin fight by his side because it’s necessary and because he knows that Anakin has the ability to do what must be done.


  • Months ago, Jacen was giving Tenel Ka a necklace. How times have changed!

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chapter 28:

Remote sensor pods pick up the Yuuzhan Vong infrared energy. Tough Squadron heads up to recon the area. Gavin sends Rogue Squadron up and out.

Mara asks Luke where he wants her. He’d rather have her anywhere but here, but sends her to find Leia and back her up while she’s herding noncombatants. He goes to find Colonel Bril’nilim who is commanding the ground troops.

The colonel wants Luke to the southeast, his nephews to the southwest and to be told about anything that feels odd. He insists that they only report oddities, not investigate them. His troops are skittish and may fire at a Jedi snooping around.

In space, Jaina and Rogue Squadron take on coralskippers. Tough Squadron is now firing at Vong ground assault organisms that shoot plasma bolts.

Mara finds Leia and tells her Luke sent her to help. Leia wants her to check on a couple of families that haven’t yet gotten here from the camp’s northeast perimeter. She started to head out there but got a strange feeling.

But it wasn’t a feeling at all. It was nothing.

Mara points to one of the tents that is shaking from movement. Leia senses no life inside. Mara cuts the lines holding up the tent and collapses over three figures which claw their way free and stand there. They are Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

There is pale flesh over them and they are pulling on clothes from the bodies of the refugees they killed. Leia realizes that there may be others doing the same thing. She has to sound an alarm, but cannot leave Mara to face them alone.


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chapter 29:

Jens sits in the rocks with a remote in her hands to control the probe she’s going to use. Two warrior burst out of the shell structures and Corran tells her to keep them occupied. Ganner and he are going into the large shell to get Vil and Denna, while Trista will be here shortly in the ship to spray the area.

The two Jedi race to the shell and find the two students hanging from racks, their heads lower than their feet with limbs locked rigidly in place. White crablike creatures scuttle across their back, pinching them with claws.

Corran senses they are in terrible pain, but not dying. Ganner uses the Force to push the creatures off Vil’s back and starts to free him when Corran get a huge spike in pain and stops his comrade. He thinks the rack is designed to sense how much pain the victim is in and will tighten up if they aren’t suffering sufficiently. If they try to release them, the rack may make it worse.

He suggests using the Force to increase their pain to the point where the rack will loosen. Ganner uses his lightsaber to single Corran’s arm who absorbs the energy and sends it to the two victims who are now in incredible pain. But the rack loosens and they are cut free. The experience has knocked them out.

When the two warriors, having given up on the probe, return, Ganner and Corran will have to think of another plan.


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chapter 30:

Leia knows what Han would do and starts firing her blaster into the first of the Vong. Another one leaps at Mara who. Bolpuhr handles the one that leaps at Leia before being thrown into the tent. Mara takes a gash to the thigh before beheading her attacker.

They’ll have to take care of her injury later. Bolpuhr is dead. Contemplating a warrior that can kill a Noghri with its bare hands is difficult. For now, though, it’s time to search for Vong among the refugees.

Luk watches the the oncoming horde of slaves head to the camp, knowing that the type of combat he was used to was considered more noble because it was impersonal. Ground combat isn’t like that. Colonel Bril’nilim gives the signal and the freighters begin opening fire.

Unfortunately, Luke can sense the slaves through the Force which makes killing them so much easier.

In the camp, Leia finds Danni and Lando, telling the young woman to use the Force to try to figure out which people are refugees and which ones are Vong. If she can feel fear and hatred, she’s got a refugee. They will segregate anyone from whom they get nothing.

Leia goes to the crowd and tells them the Vong are coming, to say their last words because this is going to be harder than they thought. Then she, Danni and Lando begin moving through the crowd searching for those who don’t feel alarmed.

Jacen and Anakin attack the flank of the offense. Jacen can feel the life ebbing from these creatures but knows they are not like the living anymore. Elegos’s shuttle flies down and fires lasers into the column of warriors.

Luke thanks him for the help. Elegos tells him that his weapons were not working against the larger vehicles. They should be thankful the individual soldiers cannot protect themselves with black holes. Anakin laughs and tells him that all thye have to do is push one back into the void of the one behind it and so on.

Jacen is about to make a comment about that when Luke gets inspired. He asks Elegos for a ride, leaving two confused nephews behind.


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chapter 31:

An explosion shakes the giant shell and Corran can feel slashrats gathering toward the smell of killscent. The slaves start panicking. Corran ignites his lightsaber and tells Ganner to use the Force to float the students to the back of the shell, cut out a hole and get them out.

Ganner tells him he won’t be able to beat them with his injuries. Corran explains that he’s the slowest guy in the group and will have to hold them off. Ignoring the pain in his arm, he beckons the warriors.

He kills one using his dual-extention lightsaber, talking to the elder one as if it could understand him. Perhaps, it can. Corran thinks of his wife and children so he can die with good memories, not bad. They each get injuries off on the other, pause for a moment and nod in mutual respect before going at it again. Corran brings both hands up to split at the Vong’s hip and spins around, going out of control. He lands on his back, his lightsaber skits across the floor and he can’t feel his legs. He realizes he has a bite mark on his back from the amphistaff. The numbness is spreading.

Despite nearly losing his leg, the Vong gets up and crawls to Corran. Corran grabs his saber, cutting the floor more than anything else, feeling the numbness, calling up his happy images. Then a herd of slashrats burst through the holes in the floor, grab the Vong and drag him off.

Corran pushes himself back and remembers how Valin had used the garnants to attack Ganner. It seemed reasonable to summon the slashrats to do the same to the Vong. Of course, Corran is likely to be dessert now.

As he fades into blackness, his spirit buoyed by the Force, he considers how this is what it’s like to die a Jedi.


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chapter 32:

Gavin sees the shuttle Impervious headed over the ground army. Luke asks for two of the ships to make a run on the lead vehicle down there with four torpedoes coming in at the same flank. Gavin orders Jaina with him.

Leia walks through the refugees, glancing at Danni and Lando every so often. She sends those who are clearly exuding emotions to the perimeter of the holding areas. The crowd is starting to shrink and Leia knows that those who are left behind will know there’s a search going on.

Danni points to an older woman and a man who appears to be an adult son. Lando brings his blaster up, but the old woman springs up, claws Lando’s chest, and spins him off into the crowd. The ooglith masquer stretches to reveal a warrior. Leia uses her blaster to shoot him.

The second warrior grabs Lando’s blaster and a small child to use as a hostage. Knowing he won’t just kill one, Leia won’t buy it. He points the blaster at her and the power pack to the weapon falls out. Leia shoots him.

Mara tells her she’s found tracks for half-dozen Vong. Leia tells her two were handled here; Mara got the the last one. Danni helps Lando up who is more concerned about his shirt than his wounds. He does compliment Leia for removing the clip. Leia tells him Danni did it.

When the missles are launched, Luke opens himself to the Force and feels the small lifeforms pulled into the dovin basal’s anomaly. He is able to define the void until he knows where it is and how powerful.

He allows the Force to flood through him, reaches out and latches onto the void, pushes and tugs until he has Artoo change the telemetry of the missles. They fly over the void and falls toward the vehicle itself.

The void tries to adjust, but Luke’s hold on it is strong. He finally allows it to adjust, then pushes it toward the vehicle itself. It gets sucked in. The four torpedoes detonate into the ground, scattering warriors and creating a canyon across the advance line.

Exerted by the extreme use of the Force, Luke tells Elegos to do what he thinks best and then passes out.

The shock waves cause troops on both sides to fall. Anakin picks himself up and calls for Jacen who notes that the vehicle must have been a command and control center because the slaves are going mad. They are dropping their weapons, howling and attacking each other as much as Republic troops.

Anakin and Jacen cut their way back to the camp where they find their mother. Refugees are huddled under the freighters. She tells her sons they have to get these people aboard the ships and take them off Dantooine. There’s another line of Vong coming.

Jacen points out they landed here in the first place because there wasn’t enough food for everyone. Anakin looks around and tells him there aren’t as many mouths to feed left alive.


  • It was a brilliant move for Danni, who has had virtually no training in the Force save what Jaina has been able to show her, to think of removing the blaster pack. Why didn’t Leia think of that?

  • Why do certain types of Force activities exert Luke to the point where he can’t function?

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chapter 33:

Gavin tells his Rogues that they are going to provide cover for the freighters that are leaving. Jaina has Sparky give her a status report. Rogue Squadron has been cut in half, leaving Gavin, Nevil, Forge, Varth, Jaina and her wingmate, Anni Capstan, still alive, Savage Squadron down to one flight and nothing left of Tough Squadron.

They will have to try for Agamar, but the Vong cruiser damged on the way in is sitting at their exit vector and is employing dovin basals to prevent them from leaving.

The Rogues have one proton torpedo left. Gavin offers to use it on the cruiser, but Leia points out it’s launching fighters anyway. She thinks all of these attacks have been exercises to learn how they will respond. This Interdictor tactic is not something that was done on Dubrillion.

Then the Ralroost arrives with its ships. Kre’fey can tell he got here just in time. He has the Corusca Fire send out everything its got to take down the Vong cruiser.

The cruiser pulls back and sends its skips to the atmosphere.

Kre’fey comms the Impervious and has Elegos bring it and the fighters come in. The Ralroost will form up with the freighters to provide cover. He assumes the senator’s fact-finding mission is over. Elegos believes it is for now and the Senate will not like the results.


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chapter 34:

Gavin was able to get plenty of rest from Dantooine to Agamar to Coruscant. He, Lea, Kre’fey and Senator A’Kla have been summoned to meet with Chief of State Borsk Fey’lya’s advisory council to make their report. It’s clear that the council has no clue what’s going on in the Rim or are choosing to ignore it in favor of their own schemes.

Elegos explains to them that the Vong have clearly come here with conquest on their minds and that the attacks launched so far have been learning exercises. Senator Niuv points out that the Vong were taught a lesson at Dantooine when their cruiser was driven off.

Elegos reminds him that the one action does not negate the war materiel factory found on Belkadan, the operation on Bimmiel that they know about only because the research team arrived on Agamar at the same time they did or the significant losses the New Republic took in both pilots and civilian casualties.

Fey’lya assures him they are not ignoring the brave pilots and are awarding commendations for the surviving ones. Gavin, still bitter about the way Fey’lya drove off Asyr Sei’lar and distracted her to the point of getting killed, explains that he must not value the efforts of the pilots if he is working so hard to deceive the military.

Captain Rimsen of the Corusca Fire was diverted from his normal patrol route, which would have taken him to Dubrillion and past Belkadan. He is from Agamar and learned from his family that Leia had been there, so he returned home to find out what was going on and agreed to travel with Admiral Kre’fey. If he hadn’t, the battle would have been lost.

Kre’fey points out that this government has been on a campaign to prevent information from getting out regarding worlds that the Vong have been connected to. He refers to commodities being bid up on worlds like Garqi, communications outages, recruiting numbers lessening and other bits of info that are just as valuable for not being reported as they would be if they had.

They are in government to make lives better. The military is here to protect those life. Even if he gives them the benefit of the doubt and allows that they just didn’t believe Princess Leia when she brought the news to them, they would be called naïve. To not act now would be criminal.

He threatens to take the military to the Unknown Regions and carve out a safe place for people to go while the New Republic collapses. Fey’lya accuses Leia of seducing this officer into backing her in a revolt. Leia tells him that he does not want to be remembered as the one who let the galaxy collapse to the point that she had to be the one to rescue it.

Acquiescing, Fey’lya asks what they want. She wants the advisory council to stop micromanaging the military, provide relief supplies to the refugees who will be coming Coreward and to allow Senator A’Kla to make his report to the full Senate with complete media coverage.

Fey’lya will not allow the latter as A’Kla will likely blame him for everything. Kre’fey turns to Gavin and asks how many planets he would like his children to have in Kre’fey’s new Empire.

Fey’lya backs down. Leia had forgotten what it was like to work with him and knows he will take advantage as much as he can.

Gavin wants to go see his wife and family, but he knows he will be poor company right now. He’s got Jaina Solo assigned to the squadron and heads to his office to find a young private standing there. The young man explained some old guys took his blaster and comlink away, told him not to abandon his post and pushed their way into the office.

Gavin walks in, finds Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu drinking from his whisky cache and dismisses the private. He tells his friend the young man called them two old guys.

After lamenting the lack of respect the command staff requires from the young pilots these days, Wedge explains that they heard the New Republic may be going to war. They’re too old to fly but would like to help anyway. Gavin tells them this won’t be pretty, but Tycho reminds him that war never is.


  • I’m guessing the young private didn’t recognize two Rebel heroes?

  • You know, I was wondering why the New Republic media wasn’t all over this stuff going on in the Rim. In the history of the SW books, the HoloNet has tended to go after stories fairly quickly. I’m sure the Empire kept a tight rein on it, but the New Republic journalists don’t seem to have the same constraints. Is Kre’fey accusing the advisory council of deliberately withholding information from the media or preventing them from reporting on the Rim situation? I can’t imagine some ambitious holojournalist not jumping at a story like that, but, if the advisory council is actually controlling the media, that’s not a good thing at all.

  • Further, Kre’fey makes it sound like the advisory council knows exactly what’s going on in the Rim and is hiding it from the public while, at the same time, hog-tying the military. That, to me, borders on treason.

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chapter 35:

Anakin tells Jacen he’s having nightmares of cutting through reptoid slaves on Dantooine only to find Chewie, his mom and dad are dead. Jacen gave up interpreting dreams ever since his experience on Belkadan. He thinks Anakin’s still dealing with Chewie’s death.

Anakin says his was a dream, but Jacen’s was a vision. Even Luke thinks so. Jacen tells them that, in that one, the future changed, probably because they had to leave Belkadan to come save Anakin.

Anakin quips that he would be dead and Jacen would be happy in that alternate ending. Jacen tells him that no one would be happy if he was dead, including their father. Neither has seen Han; C 3PO tells them he’s apparently inspecting cantinas, but they know it’s more likely he’s inspecting the bottom of glasses.

Jacen envies him, drowing his nightmares. His own feature the slaughter of Dantooine. He knows all they did was butcher the slaves. He has to acknowledge that they had to in order to save the refugees, but that doesn’t have anything to do with becoming a Jedi Knight. It doesn’t bring him closer to understanding the Force.

The fact that half of Bril’nilim’s soldiers survived tells him that he and Anakin didn’t have to use lightsabers. Saving the refugees may have stopped them from dying but that doesn’t make them better than the ones who died or move them to make the universe a better place.

Anakin tells him that they kept some of them alive and that is enough for him. Jacen wishes it was enough for him. He is proud of Anakin who took care of Mara, but he can’t figure out how he fits into this. He thought going off on his own would deeper his understanding, but then couldn’t help himself from trying to save the slaves. It’s like he’s circling his goal but is not able to define it.

He will still be glad to have Anakin fighting by his side. For now, he’s just Jacen Solo. What he will be in the future may change.


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chapter 36:

Corran Horn explains to Luke how he was floating away, thinking how this is the way a Jedi dies, not realizing Ganner had returned and was lifting him above the slashrats and out of the shell.

Luke asks Mirax Horn to look into Dr. Pace’s allegations that Jedi are stealing artifacts. She agrees, telling him everything she’s given him has come from pre-Empire origins. The market on Jedi collectibles is dropping because of the poor press they are getting. There’s been a spike in Imperial stuff, though.

Both he and Corran agree that it’s important to study Jedi artifacts, stealing them from their owners is wrong and, to be honest, they may not get much out of them anyway as they just don’t have the resources to get the most out of them.

They are not understanding the Vong’s aversion to droids. It’s possible there might have been a war waged against the Vong by mechanicals in the past. They view this galaxy as evil because of their use of droids.

They discuss whether or not the ones who infiltrated the refugee camp were just out for their own glory, the racks that held the students and Jacen in when they were captive and their brutality. It appears that pain and recreation go hand in hand with these beings.

The fact that they are faced with better warriors with each wave isn’t encouraging either.


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Shedao Shai enters the grashal on Bimmiel, carrying his tsaisi, a baton shorter than an amphistaff. He picks a warrior that he deems appropriately attentive to duty to advise him of what happened here.
The warrior, Krag Val, believes two of the humans were being kept in the Embrace of Pain when two other individuals came to free them. The newcomers may have been of the jeedai. There is no evidence of a body of the one who left his blood here.
Shai is furious that the interlopers would carry their own dead out and leave Vong bodies to be scavenged by vermin. He blames Nom Anor for this.
He is furious to find that his grandfather’s remains were stored in a machine. It was his grandfather who had been part of a scouting mission 50 years ago. His sacrifice had brought honor to the family.
Looking at the blood on the floor, Shai points out that the dead were not retrieved from Dantooine which means this jeedai is still alive. Shai means to taste his blood as he dies for good.
  • The constant political maneuvering got on my nerves in this book quite a bit this time.

End of Book 1


Note: I am going on vacation today. I will resume the summaries, beginning with book 2 Ruin when I return.



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