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Star Wars MVPs

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Pretty simple, which character is the MVP of each movie. Feel free to use any criteria you wish. Basically which character in each movie was most responsible for making that movie great or if you are so inclined which character made a movie you don't like more bearable. Feel free to choose the same character for multiple movies but no "ties", have some guts and pick ONE for each movie.


Ill do it in chronological order of release.


Star Wars


I guess it relates to how great this movie is but there are several candidates here. Any of the Big 3 warrant consideration. Vader is great and makes such an iconic entrance. Even Obi Wan is amazing as the wise old mentor. In the end I need to give this to Han though. This movie had to have a wizard, farm boy, princess and evil knight. Han though kinda sees the craziness in all of it and really makes the movie.


Ballot: Winner: Han Solo, 2-Princess Leia, 3-Luke Skywalker, 4-Darth Vader, 5-Obi Wan Kenobi


Empire Strikes Back


Perhaps even more good candidates in this movie. Once again the Big Three all are great here, Han is probably even better in this movie than in Star Wars but he doesn't win. That just shows you the greatness of this movie. Yoda is wonderful here, he nearly glows with wisdom. The winner though has to be Vader though. He is just menacing throughout the movie. So commanding. His reveal to Luke is one of the iconic moments in movies.


Winner: Darth Vader, 2-Yoda, 3-Han Solo, 4-Luke Skywalker, 5-Princess Leia


Return of the Jedi


The final movie of the OT has fewer top tier candidates as Han and Leia aren't quite the same here, Yoda is reduced and Vader necessarily is made a bit less menacing. Palpatine takes over the villain spot and is beyond fantastic. I'm going to go with Luke though, he kinda has the thankless hero job in the first 2 movies but he steps up here. His scenes with Vader and Papatine are just great and in truth make the movie.


Winner: Luke Skywalker, 2-Emperor Palpatine, 3-Darth Vader, 4-Princess Leia, 5-C3PO


The Phantom Menace


I guess this is why the PT isn't as good there just aren't alot of characters who deserve it here. Obi Wan is great but he sits out half the movie. Anakin is a kid, Padme is ho hum at best. Maul is barely in the movie and then there is ofcourse Jar Jar. It leaves one deserving winner and that's Qui Gon Jinn who exemplifies the wise Jedi really well. I just don't think anyone else is even close here.


Winner: Qui Gon Jinn, 2-Obi Wan Kenobi, 3-Darth Maul, 4-Shmi Skywalker, 5-Wattoo


Attack of the Clones


Much like TPM, again not that many great candidates here. Anakin and Padme's love story is just bad, Palpatine isn't yet at his best, Dooku isn't in the movie until the last act. Yoda has a memorable saber fight and Windu has a cool entrance in the arena. There is only one choice here and it's Obi Wan. His half of the movie is actually pretty good and he is involved in a ton of exciting actiony moments.


Winner: Obi Wan Kenobi, 2-Count Dooku, 3-Yoda, 4-Chancellor Palpatine, 5-Mace Windu


Revenge of the Sith


The best of the prequels in my opinion. Padme is nearly sidelined so she is out. Hayden isn't any better in the role but Anakin is given some good stuff to do at least. Obi Wan is again really good here. The winner is Palpatine though, he just revels in his evil so great. Easy call.


Winner: Emperor Palpatine, 2-Obi Wan Kenobi, 3-Anakin Skywalker, 4-Yoda, 5-R2 D2


The Force Awakens


Well Star Wars was back and whereas the prequels were in some cases bereft of choices I think the opposite is true here. Alot of characters I love in this movie. From Han's reappearance to BB8 just stealing our hearts. Kylo Ren is tremendously entertaining. Poe is a hotshot pilot different than the other hotshot pilots we've met. And Finn is just well, Finn. However this one has to go to Rey who the whole movie is just perfect. From her early scenes on Jakku through running around with Finn until coming into her powers and finally the saber flying into her hands. She is just perfect.


Winner: Rey, 2-Kylo Ren, 3-Han Solo, 4-BB-8, 5-Poe Daemeron


Rogue One


The first non Skywalker movie was excellent in it's own right. I don't know if either of the 2 main characters warrants a win here. Both characters are fine but more workmanlike than memorable. Chirrut is really good as the blind Force loving warrior. K2SO is really cool as a wise cracking droid. I think the winner though is Director Krennic whose almost aristocratic Imperial Officer was slightly different than what we'd seen.


Winner: Director Krennic, 2-K2SO, 3-Chirrut Imwe, 4-Jyn Erso, 5-Cassian Andor


The Last Jedi


The most recent Star Wars was controversial among fans but once again I feel there are many candidates. I love Luke's return, Poe has an even larger role in this one. Rey is just as good and easily could have repeated here. I'm going to go with Kylo Ren though who I just feels bring an intensity and force to that role, its how Anakin should have been later in the prequels.


1-Kylo Ren, 2-Rey, 3-Luke Skywalker, 4-Poe Daemeron, 5-General Organa

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Guest El Chalupacabra


Good guys: Qui Gon

Bad Guys: Darth Maul



Good Guys: Obi Wan

Bad Guys: Jango Fett with Dooku a close second



Good Guys: Obi Wan

Bad Guys: Palpatine



Good Guys: Obi-wan

Bad Guys: Vader



Good Guys: Luke

Bad Guys: Vader



Good Guys: Luke

Bad Guys: The Emperor



Good Guys: Han Solo

Bad Guys: Kylo



Good Guys: Luke

Bad Guys: Kylo

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