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"Trouble on Cloud City": Book 12 in the Young Jedi Knights series

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chapter 1:

Jaina runs through the forest of Yavin IV , followed by Tenel Ka and Lowie, until they reach the waterfall where Raynar and Lusa are already waiting. The group had planned to swim together, but Zekk and Jacen decided to help Anja Gallandro with her lightsaber skills.

Raynar suggests they could have invited Anja to swim and make her feel more at home. However, everyone gathered here agrees that Anja doesn’t seem willing to feel at home here or associate with any of them, save Jacen and Zekk. This, of course, is of some concern to Tenel Ka and Jaina.

Raynar hopes they know what they are doing. Training someone who isn’t trained in the Force can be dangerous. Jaina points out that they are Jedi and aren’t going to let anyone get hurt. She suggests they swim anyway.

Meanwhile, Jacen is being singed on the arm and jumps back. Zekk tells Anja that she is supposed to be learning control. Anja doesn’t think she should have to since she fights so well. Zekk points out places where she left an opening for a serious opponent to hurt or kill her.

Anja assures him she knew Jacen would not have done that.

Jacen is about to counter that when he sees Master Skywalker approaching. He tells Luke about Anja’s way of doing things. Luke explains to his nephew that he’s had a few practice sessions with Anja himself and has sensed no Force potential at all in her. Jacen asks him to let her stay longer because it could just be repressed. Luke allows that it’s possible, but he’s not certain. He wouldn’t let her stay here at all if Han hadn’t asked him to as a favor. She carries a shadow inside of her that disturbs him.
  • Well, I’m glad that was covered. I had wondered why Luke would allow a woman who has professed no allegiance to the New Republic, has found virtually nothing worthwhile to compliment on Yavin IV and has shown no ability to use the Force at all to spend weeks at the Jedi Academy practicing controlling a dangerous weapon. Jacen is obviously a bit infatuated with Anja which explains why he’s forgetting that Zekk had a hard life, too, and still didn’t repress Force abilities. Surely Anja would have shown some talent with the Force by now.
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