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"Return to Ord Mantell": Book 11 in the Young Jedi Knights series

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chapter 1:

Zekk takes a wooden staff into the forest of Yavin IV as part of an important test. He battles a tree that uses its vines and branches to lash out at him. During this fight, his staff is ripped away and, in anger, he reaches out to free it and try to free himself. Zekk recognizes where this success is coming from and stops. He calms himself and tells the tree that he is not its prey.

Luke Skywalker is proud that Zekk has learned to reject the darkness he was taught at the Shadow Academy. Zekk feels he has too far to go in his relearning of the Force. He’s afraid to do the same things he did there, lest he return to his old ways. Luke suggests they find something else for him to do to practice his abilities. Zekk should find something he enjoys and utilize the Force in that way.

That evening, Luke gathers some of his students around a campfire. He explains that Jedi Knights protected the Republic but it’s important to recognize when being protected is a good or bad thing.

They cannot shelter everyone from every bad thing that could happen. He explains how his Uncle Owen wanted to protect him from the galaxy and from what would happen if Luke found out his father was Darth Vader. This protection also extended to keeping Luke from following his dreams. His heart was in the right place, but, if he had been successful, Luke would be a moisture farmer and the Empire might still be in power.

Challenges make them strong. He introduces them to two of his original students. One is Kyp Durron who escaped the spice mines of Kessel to become a Jedi trainee, only to fall sway to the spirit of the Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun. The other is Streen who briefly fell under Kun’s spell.

Luke explains how both learned from their mistakes and have been Jedi Knights for over 10 years.

Knowing that Kyp is a good friend of their father’s, Jacen and Jaina decide to send a message that Kyp has returned to Yavin IV.
  • Of course, Kyp’s experience with Exar Kun occurred in Dark Apprentice.
  • This is the first we’ve heard about Streen in awhile. For several books, Luke was leaving him in charge of the academy when he left. Of late, however, he’s been leaving Tionne.
  • Obviously, Luke’s students are now sent on assignments throughout the galaxy which explains why we’ve seen so few of them on the moon since this series started. Han Solo certainly hasn’t been a stranger to Yavin IV. That his children would let him know that Kyp is back would indicate that the Jedi is rarely there.
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chapter 2:

It turns out Han is already on his way to Yavin IV when he gets the message. He arrives with Anakin in tow. It feels strange hugging their father at 16 years old, but it’s still good to see him.

Han explains he’s got an assignment that his children might like to come along for. Reunited with Kyp, he congratulates his old friend for slaying the Leviathon of Corbos.

Han’s been invited to the Blockade Runners Derby on Ord Mantell. He won’t be racing this time, but attending as a representative and Grand Marshal.

Chewie is visiting family on Kashyyyk, so Jaina can co-pilot. Kyp and Streen have to leave again soon, so he cannot come with them. Han decides to catch up with him now, reminding his children how Kyp stole the Sun Crusher and went after the Empire himself.
  • It says here that Jacen and Jaina are 16 years old. That means that this book takes place 25 years ABY and that the YJK books inexplicably cover a period of 2 or 3 years. The way the events are described, that doesn’t seem like such a long period of time. If they are 16, then Anakin would be 14 ½.
  • Kyp’s slaying of the Leviation of Corbos was in Dark Horse Comics’ Leviathon storyline.
  • Han brags to his children about the Sun Crusher incident, which took place in Dark Apprentice, as though it was a good thing. I’m sure we remember it being much different.
  • Once again, Han has shown up to visit his children. They see him more now than they did when they were young. Certainly, Chewie is seeing his family more often these past couple of years than he ever did the previous 20.
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chapter 3:

Han admits that Ord Mantell is also known for its smuggling. He’s never tried to hide his past from his children. They know that he was a smuggler once and that he studied at the Imperial Academy. All of that makes up who he is. Every skill he has because of those times is used now to help the people he loves.

Along the way, he tells them about the adventure he, their mother and Uncle Luke had on Ord Mantell where he was nearly captured by a bounty hunter named Cypher Bos. He also mentions how a bounty hunter named Skorr got them once there, too. The worst time was dealing with Czethros who was a bounty hunter with connections to Black Sun.

He ended up rescuing Chewie by stealing one of Czethros’s ships. The Imperials grabbed Czethros and his partner, Briff, who were sent to the spice mines of Kessel and cut some kind of deal with Moruth Doole. Right now, Czethros is considered a respectable businessman on Ord Mantell, but Han isn’t betting on it.

He doesn’t expect any problems, though. That was years ago. Ord Mantell is not a place for tourists, though, except for the Derby. The buildings are not numbered so no one can find you if you don’t want to be found. After Jaina lands the Falcon, they find a group of armed men waiting and Czethros is among them.
  • Han says he studied at the Imperial Academy, but did he tell his children he graduated and was an Imperial officer for a short time?
  • The incident with Cyper Bos was in the audio story “Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell”. The incident with Skorr took place in the Star Wars comic strip. This is the first mention and appearance of Czethros, though.
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chapter 4:

Han tenses, not wearing a blaster at his hip as he used to. He’d stopped doing that some time ago and, of course, hadn’t expected trouble here.

Czethros explains he’d once been a bounty hunter and Han a legitimate Imperial target. That was long ago and there are no hard feelings. Han is relieved, wondering if the years in the spice mines might have caused him to hold a grudge.

He arranged for Han to be Grand Marshal and for the Falcon to be the pace craft. He will run the course first. This year, they’ve mapped out a complicated path. Czethros reminds Han how he used to be a hotshot pilot and thinks he’ll appreciate it.

While Jaina helps recondition the ship, Jacen asks where a full grown Bantha sits. It turns out that it sits anywhere it wants to.

The ship is ushered onto the course and the announcer introduces General Han Solo, three-time winner of the Derby, as Grand Marshal.

Han determines he’s going to set a speed record here, besting even his own scores. They fly the ship through the first part of the course, into a cometary cloud. The cloud is filled with space mines that pursue the Millennium Falcon until it loses them.

Of course, the pace craft is supposed to prove the course is safe, but that’s usually a formality. In this case, it’s possible the mines were planted there.
  • Han is going to a planet where buildings aren’t numbered because of the type of beings who live here and where even he’s admitted isn’t really a tourist destination. He still didn’t wear his blaster? When did he stop? The galaxy hasn’t really been that peaceful lately. Also, apparently, he’s either still a general or everyone is just using it as an honorific.
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chapter 5:

After returning to Ord Mantell, the race officials are embarrassed and assure Han the incident will be investigated. Czethros doubts much will be found. He suspects the mines were being taken to a planet called Anobis which is involved in a decades-long civil war.

Many smugglers from here also run guns to Anobis. The mines could have been a dropped shipment or a trap for space authorities.

The Derby is postponed to the next day. From the observation tower, the Solos prepare to watch it. Han signals the start of the race. From their vantage point, they have a great view. Jacen cannot help daydreaming about Tenel Ka, though.

Anakin is pretty adept at picking winners. They notice one particularly good pilot whom a bureaucrat explains qualified at the last minute. Jaina recognizes it as a Hapan passenger cruiser and they all realize it’s the Rock Dragon.

Lowie must be with her, but they’ve never seen either of them fly like that. The Rock Dragon wins the race and they go to congratulate their friends.

However, Zekk is the one who steps out first. Tenel Ka and Lowie follow. Zekk explains that Master Skywalker encouraged him to find challenges utilizing things he loves to do. This seemed like a good test.

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chapter 6:

Though some are not happy to find that Jedi students were among the crew of the winning ship, the controversy dies down soon and the twins’ friends learn what it’s like to be celebrities.

The friends catch up with each other and talk about the race and the pace craft incident. Tenel Ka believes this could be an assassination attempt. Han had collected debris from the space mines and is holding it in a secure locker because he trusts no one but New Republic technicians to analyze it.

Anakin looks over some of them and Zekk thinks these might be war materials. Jacen remembers Czethros claiming this could be related to a nearby planet engaging in a civil war. Jaina isn’t sure that’s the answer. After all, none of the HoloNet reporters here have even mentioned the conflict in their stories. Zekk reminds her that no one wants to do a story about that when they can have fun talking about a race.

Over lunch, Tenel Ka senses something and heads out of the ship to take a look around. She ignites her lightsaber and several gray-skinned creatures move quickly. The others come down to help as the shadowy figures grab pieces of the space mines.

Anakin sounds an alarm on the Rock Dragon. A woman shows up and tells the young Jedi to keep fighting. They are surprised to see she carries a lightsaber.

The mystery woman cuts down one of the retreating creatures. Jaina tells her she didn’t have to do that, then kneels by the creature and asks who he is. The being dies and its skin fades, displaying a mark that Zekk recognizes as being reminiscent of Black Sun.

The woman tells them the creatures are only henchmen, stealing the evidence that would prove the Millennium Falcon was intended to be destroyed on the race course.

She carries a lightsaber, but she’s no Jedi.

Han rushes in with security forces and checks on his children. The young woman stares at him, pulls her lightsaber and yells that Solo killed her father.

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chapter 7:

Han tells her he doesn’t even know who she is. She calls herself Anja Gallandro and she was an infant when Han killed her father. Han remembers the man reputed to be the fasteset draw in the galaxy. Gallandro had challenged the clan leader on Ammuud to a duel and Han was picked as the opponent. Anja tells him that her father was working for the Corporate Sector Authority to break up a slaving ring that Han was involved in. Han insists he didn’t know about that at first. He later provided the records the authorities needed to convict.

She accuses him of betraying Gallandro by shooting him the back in order to claim all the treasure of Xim the Despot for himself. Han tells her it didn’t happen that way. She grew up an orphan on Anobis when her mother died several years later.

Han explains that he didn’t kill Gallandro who made the wrong choice. She interprets that to mean that the wrong choice was trusting Solo. He’s done well for himself, having stepped on people on the way up.

She doesn’t want to hear that her father wasn’t an enemy, just a competitor. She wanted Han to argue or fight her. Now she realizes he’s too insignificant to kill.

She wonders why such a champion of peace and justice would work with a government that has ignored the plight of Anobis for the last quarter-century. The villages began fighting among themselves in the last days of the Empire. Those who sympathized with the Rebellion or the Empire refuse to stop harassing each other.

If Solo really cares, he should stop waving flags at races and go visit her world.
  • Gallandro was a marksman who appeared in Han Solo’s Revenge and Han Solo and the Lost Legacy. He was mentioned in Rebel Dawn and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. He was killed by the tomb’s automated defense systems. Han really didn’t try very hard to explain this to her.
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chapter 8:

Anja rushes away, satisified that she’s made Solo feel guilty and caused his own children to question him. Meeting with Czethros, she tells him how Solo knows the mines were a set-up. The gray-skinned beings got away with the evidence, but she had to kill several of them.

It’ll be harder to kill Solo now that his guard is up. He’s not a weak opponent and his children fight well, though they’re no match for her enthusiasm with a weapon. She accuses Czethros of messing up her chance to eliminate the man. Czethros counters that surviving these attacks will just make Solo more cocky. He will be more willing to jump into peril now and his children already have reputations for doing that, too.

If that happens, they will blunder into the middle of the war on Anobis. This is helpful for Czethros as Solo could expose the operations they are building here through Black Sun.

Anja will have to nudge Solo along. To do that, she needs her supply of spice. He gives her her dose of andris, a potent and expensive spece. He warns her that she’s using too much and he will require more results if he’s to keep this up.
  • Andris was mentioned in The Paraidse Snare and Rebel Dawn.
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chapter 9:

Jacen cannot stop thinking about Anja and her sad eyes. Anakin asks what’s wrong. Jacen worries that their father evaded Anja’s questions. He wonders what really happened to Gallandro.

Jaina appears and they decide to ask Han themselves. Their father explains that he and Gallandro were looking for an ancient treasure belonging to Xim the Despot. Gallandro was a smuggler and a sharpshooter who betrayed Han by challenging him to a duel in order to get the treasure for himself. After shooting Han in the shoulder and tying him up, Gallandro chased after the third member of their team, a Ruurian, who had removed the warning lights signaling the chamber was protected by an automated defense system. Without realizing it, Gallandro walked into a trap and was killed.

Jacen asks why he didn’t explain all that to Anja. Han doesn’t know what it would help for her to know her father was a traitor who turned his back on his follow team members and then died because he blundered into a booby trap.

Han never knew Gallandro had a daughter or that she’d blamed him for her father’s death. If she knew the truth, she’d probably go after the Ruurian, Skynx, for sabotaging the warning lights. He feels badly for her and wishes there was something he could do.

Anakin suggests that they take up her invitation to go to Anobis. Han considers this and decides that a diplomatic mission might not be a bad idea. After he leaves to put in a call to the Chief of State, Jacen is satisfied that this is least they can do.
  • Han’s description of the events of Han Solo and the Lost Legacy are pretty much on the mark.
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chapter 10:

The next morning, Jacen gets up and prepares to leave, hoping they can find some way to help Anja’s planet. Han suggests he can use all the help he can get and invites the other young Jedi to join him on the Falcon. They can leave the Rock Dragon here under security.

Anja appears and tells Jacen she wanted to make sure the ship had not come to any harm after the events of yesterday. Jacen assures her they are fine and invites her to come with them to Anobis. She agrees in order to help her people.

On the way, she tells them the story of how the confict started. Her people lived in the mountains and mined. They traded raw materials for food from the Empire. If they hadn’t agreed to trade, the Empire would have taken the materials by force. But the people who farm the valleys stopped trading with them or selling them food because they traded with the Empire.

The farmers booby-trapped the tunnels to the mines, making the work that much harder. Han points out there are two sides to every story and this fact-finding mission is meant to get as many sides as they can.

Jacen hopes, with Anja, that Han will know the truth when he finds it.
  • Wouldn’t an extra ship be helpful, though? Why leave the Rock Dragon behind?
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chapter 11:

Jacen tries to encourage Anja to relax, but she’s not convinced a smuggler and a few pampered children can do anything. Tenel Ka points out that they aren’t exactly children. They are Jedi Knights who have faced their own share of hardships and losses.

They would like to be her friends if she will give them that chance.

Jacen asks about her lightsaber. She said she picked it up from a trader. She doesn’t know where it originated and doesn’t care so long as it works. She doesn’t need the Force to fight with it.

As they approach Anobis, a cargo hauler approaches them. It jettisons debris and then alters course. Zekk notes that the debris contains space mines. When the pilot realizes he cannot outrun them, he contacts the ship and explains he’s Lilmit, captain of the Rude Awakening. He claims the release of the mines was accidental and hopes no one was hurt. He’s hauling supplies to Anobis.

Anja is pretty certain those supplies are wweapnos or war. Han decides to use his authority to detain the ship and inspect it.

On board, Lilmit explains he’s just trying to make a living when they find explosives there. He’s not taken any sides and provides weapons to both factions. Anja tells Han he cannot allow these weapons to be delivered.

Han agrees and forces Lilmit to jettison the cargo.

Lilmit is furious and contacts Czethros, demanding he do something about Solo. He assures him he didn’t mention any names or Black Sun, but the space lanes have to be kept safe for the runners. Czethros tells him the lost weapons are his problem, but, if it matters, Solo’s going to run into a lot of trouble on Anobis.
  • They keep calling the students young Jedi Knights. Obviously, the term apprentice isn’t being used at all. These kids aren’t full Knights yet. Of course, in Luke’s manner of teaching, adult students become Knights fairly quickly.
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chapter 12:

Anja directs the ship to her mining village and explains that the leader’s name is Elis . He’ll confirm everything she’s said. Zekk points out that she’s already told them they are Imperial sympathizers.

Anja counters that the original argument started there, but it has become something more. Han would rather speak to the farm villages first to get another side of the story. Anja isn’t convinced that he will get very far.

For a planet at war with itself, it seems the houses are still standing. Going over the limited files provided by the New Republic, it would seem the miners and farmers have always lived separate lives. They were further divided by their loyalties during the Rebellion. Dependent on the Empire for trade, the miners had been forced to push for the status quo, while the farmers wanted more independence.

Han has Jacen comm. the village to see if someone will speak with them. There is no answer. They land and Han introduces himself as an official representative of the New Republic .

A group of skittish ragged farmers emerge from their homes. A man calling himself Ynos explains that they used to be able to farm the land and get enough food for themselves and to trade. The miners in the mountains have destroyed the farmland with mines and even booby-trap the forests so that hunters can’t find food there.

Several farmers sneak out through the field, moving carefully. It doesn’t help one who inadvertently steps on a mine. Ynos tells them that the burrowing detonators are planted by the miners faster than they can be removed. They’ll starve at this rate.

Han starts off by offering meals cooked on the Falcon.

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chapter 13:

After feeding the hungry villagers, Han asks Ynos who speaks for all of the farmers. Ynos explains that each community is independent in its governing. This one is the largest and he can speak for the ones living here.

The meal is interrupted by a huge herd of knaars, dangerous beasts attracted by the fire in the village. The young Jedi offer to help fight and even Anja goes back to the Falcon for her lightsaber.

Inside, she finds the small unit that will give her a dose of the andris that helps her fight. Han tries to cram as many people as possible into the ship and Zekk powers up the engines. Jaina urges them to take Anakin and go.

The Falcon lifts up, preparing to use the cannons to shoot at the creatures.

There are too many of the creatures, though. Even with the blasters from the ship and the lightsabers, they cannot overwhelm the hundreds approaching. Jaina believes they will have to flee and find a place to defend themselves. The only way of escape is through the field planted with detonators.
  • Ya know, the Rock Dragon might’ve been useful for packing more people in, right? Also, we’ve been told in the past that the Falcon is too small for a lot of people. I’m wondering how many Han packed into it before lifting up.
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chapter 14:

Han tells Zekk to get into the gun well. Zekk begins firing at as many creatures as possible. Anakin jumps into the other well and helps. They notice Jaina is leading the villagers into the minefield.

While felling the beasts with their lightsabers, they use the Force to determine where the burrowing detonators are and lead the villagers through it. Pursuing knaars are exploding all over the place. Still, Jacen knows they won’t make it much farther if they have to keep fighting.

chapter 15:

Ultimately, the beasts find themselves at the edge of the forest where they’ve never been before. Jacen can sense that they are uncertain as to whether or not to continue the pursuit, especially considering the ones that have died already.

After the Falcon blasts one in the lead, the knaars retreat.

However, the villagers would have to go back through the minefield to get back to their homes, many of which have been ruined by the knaars. Anja suggests her home in the mountains. Some are not excited by the idea of becoming slaves to the miners, but Han points out he needs to speak with them, too.

He’ll take Ynos and some of the weaker farmers up in the ship. A young farmer knows how to avoid the booby traps in the forest and will lead the others.

The Falcon lands at dawn in an area among the rocks where the miners have their homes. Anja says she has not been here in years, having to make her living on Ord Mantell. Zekk points out that he’s had a difficult life, too. Many people have, but he’s learned to grow past bitterness and make his life better.

Anja thinks he’s just decided to let the people who hurt him get away without punishment. Zekk tells her that, if the most important thing in her life is revenge, then she needs another hobby.

Anja recognizes Elis and leads Han and the others to him. She tells him that this is Han Solo, Ynos and many farmers who survived a knaar attack. Elis believes this is a perfect opportunity to end the conflict now. He and his miners raise their weapons to attack.

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chapter 16:

The Jedi students lead the other survivors through the forest. Tenel Ka thinks Anja could have come with them to point out where her people might have set traps. Jacen is irritated and reminds her that Anja’s people have suffered as much as the farmers have.

Tenel Ka explains that she’s making no judgments, but that it would be helpful to know where the dangers are.

They find a microfilament wire that has been stretched across the trees. They pass through carefully and then have to dodge a blaster bolt from a single-use weapon hidden among the trees.

It takes several hours to walk through the forest, finding a farmers’ booby trap, then accidentally triggering a detonator that fells a tree which causes a couple of farmers to die when they run for cover and hit other traps.

Jaina has to convince the others to keep going. Jacen believes that his father and Ynos may have already talked to the miners and may have help for them. But, when they finally reach the coolness of the tunnels, a group of miners approaches them with weapons and they are told they are going to be held prisoners for crimes committed.

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chapter 17:

The outsiders are held in a small room and given some comforts. There is no word about Ynos or the villagers who came in the Falcon. After several hours, Elis brings the five Jedi in, too.

Han protests that he brought the farmers in under his diplomatic umbrella. Elis explains that he and his friends will not be harmed; however, Ynos and his fellow farmers have caused a great deal of trouble.

Ynos makes himself look pitiful, but he has the blood of miners on his hands, too. The miners used to excavate the ores and crystals from the mines. What they get now, they sell offworld for whoever is brave enough to land here. This is how they survive.

They have the right to protect themselves and the farmers won’t trade with them. They used to cooperate. When the Rebels brought their message here, too far for the Emperor to notice, the cooperation ended. They could have remained neutral, but the farmers chose a side and stopped trading.

He shows them a cavern where rock has fallen through. It was one of their most active veins and it was destroyed by farmers who detonated the chamber and buried an entire mining crew.

It was a sonic puncher that picked up movement or sound as the miners came in. They cannot even go into the cavern to retrieve the dead because it is so unstable.

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chapter 18:

Anja slipped away when the prisoners were separated and went to Protas, a bitter young man of nineteen. She tells him that all of the farmers from one village are being held captive. She and he can slip down to the village and burn it down.

Protas thinks they can rig the buildings to blow up when the farmers go home. If any survive, they’ll blame Solo for meddling.

They sneak out with a few commandoes that night and Anja wonders about Ynos as she plants a detonator at his front door. She heads to other buildings to find some of them looking at the grain silo.

They want to burn something tonight, so she tells them to remove whatever grain is left before torching the silo. After it’s ignited, Protas tells her to wait while he leaves a surprise for Ynos.

Anja tries to warn him that she’s already done that, but he doesn’t hear her and steps right on the spot where she planted a detonator. The explosion rips right through him. She dodges falling debris to reach him, but he’s already dead.

They stare at what they’ve done and Anja knows she’s the only one who can tell Elis what happened.

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chapter 19:

Elis is anguished at the loss of his brother. This is a terrible turn of events. They had all been pulled from their cell so that Elis could ask what the New Republic could do for them when Anja had burst in with the news.

He roars that he will kill them all this time, starting with Ynos. Zekk asks why Ynos is to blame for what Protas and the others did. Protas was killed by accident using the miners’ own weapons.

Elis cannot sort through this. He wants to call Lilmit or someone else to bring enough weapons to wipe out the farmers.

Han points out that Lilmit is selling weapons to both sides. If Ynos buys them, then the farmers will, too. The war never will end until there aren’t any more people left to kill. The weapons runners are profiting off of it at the expense of the inhabitants.

When Ynos is dragged in, he mentions he heard Protas had an accident. Elis charges him, but his way is blocked. Jaina reminds Elis that Ynos had nothing to do with the accident. Anja admitted that she had planted the device. Ynos asks her who would have died if Protas hadn’t.

His home is gone, his village is gone. Both men argue about what the other side has done to them. Jacen tells them nothing they do will bring the dead back. If they keep searching for revenge, they will never end the conflict.

He suggests they work together to clear out the traps. Anja thinks they want the impossible. Jaina tells her that believing peace is impossible is what keeps the war going. The New Republic will help any way it can.

Elis asks Ynos if he is willing to try. Ynos agrees that their way has helped only the profiteers. They do not know where to begin, but Anakin has an idea.
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chapter 20:

The young Jedi help clean up the world, removing the weapons planted by both sides. The scars will never completely vanish, but a temporary cease fire may help heal some wounds.

Han has requested some help that will be arriving soon. They divide up into separate missions. Jacen and Zekk help find hidden sonic punchers, Lowie and Tenel Ka lead a group into the forest to find the booby traps there, Jaina and Han fly over the fields to find the detonators. Anakin helps destroy them with the laser cannons.

The Rock Dragon arrives with Kyp, Streen, Lusa and Raynar to help clear the mines. The New Republic is sending peacekeepers and inspection teams, but the people of Anobis will have to decide to end the fighting themselves.
  • At one point, Jaina thinks about having her own ship. Well, she’s sixteen now, right? Weren’t we told she could have one then?
  • What ship did the Jedi come in? They were all on Yavin IV when the Falcon left. They would have had to go to Ord Mantell to pick up the Rock Dragon before coming to Anobis. That means there’s a ship that took them there around somewhere.
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chapter 21:

The young Jedi argue over who had the more dangerous job. Anja isn’t sure what to do with her life. She’s always been a fighter, not a miner. Jacen suggests she return to Yavin IV with them. It’s obvious she’s got some skill with the lightsaber. Master Skywalker may be able to teach her control.

Han offers to put in a good word for her with Luke. She accepts the offer and goes to say good-bye to her friends here. The Jedi will take the Rock Dragon back while Han agrees to take Kyp and Streen to a new assignment on Coruscant.

Anja contacts Czehthros and tells him she’s been invited to Yavin IV. She’ll win their confidence there and have many opportunities to work against them. Czethros tells her she’ll continue to get andris so long as she remains in contact with him.

On the way to Yavin IV, Anja listens to stories of their adventures and shares some of her own. They assure her that her people can start living without fear if they decide to trust each other.
  • The trip to Ord Mantell comprised only a small part of the book. The title doesn’t really seem appropriate.

End of Book 11

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