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Anyone following star wars rebels?

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One of the most successful producers of all time, one of maybe 3 women powerful enough in Hollywood to be able to hire directors without oversight, literally handpicked by Lucas, responsible for pushi

So we going to talk abou Filoni not pulling a Filoni? Cause man... it was telegraphed AF but I didn't expect it so quick!

There are definitely no Wookiees in the Lucasfilm or Disney production teams. Probably no Sullastans, Bothans, Rodians, Hutts, Gamorreans, Ugnaughts, Kaminoans, or Geonosians, either. Institutional sp

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I play the X-wing and Armada tabletop games, and I'm really hoping that Clone Wars coming back means we get some Clone Wars content for it. I've been really hoping we do and this gives me real hope.

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