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Do we have a thread for big (good) life news? Cause I got some!

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I got engaged to my girlfriend Megan on Sunday!




I met Megan when we were short on girls on night at soccer and one of my friends brought her to sub (at the field pictured). I immediately had a crush on her and finally worked up the courage to ask her out several months later. We've spent a LOT of time at that stadium over the years, and she played collegiately there, so it was a fitting venue for the big day.


Even though I haven't talked too much about my girlfriend on here, it still wouldn't feel quite right if I didn't let my Nightly family know about my big news. I've known (in varying degrees) many of you since I was like thirteen years old for cryin' out loud. I've got relationships on here that far outdistance some that I have offline. I think I read it on here once, or maybe it was elsewhere, but I've adopted saying it - there's no such thing as "internet friends," that's an unnecessary qualifier.







edit: I have no idea why the last one uploaded upside down :lol: It is most definitely not upside down anywhere else.

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Awesome! Congrats!


You'll hear a ton of jokes about how awful married life is. **** those miserable people. Being married is great.

Dude-- I read your twitter.

whatever man I can vent if I want you're not my dad

That's what you think

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