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Return of the Rian

The Choc

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I'll argue anything that says these movies will be the past, especially the KOTOR stuff.


No way is Rian going to be hemmed in by anything already covered or "old." It's going to be new stuff altogether, which is great.

Given that KOTOR isn't canon, I don't see why going back 10,000 generations would be hemming him in. If Rian has an idea for something in the past, especially if it comes from something that came up while writing TLJ, they aren't going to say "No! We already had some old stuff about that timeframe!"


I agree with this. He's big on the lore aspect. I could see him wanting to explore the 'first' Jedi or something. Not to guarantee it, maybe it's contemporaneous with our other movies just in a different corner of the galaxy.

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