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How 'bout those Astros!

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This was a fun World Series to watch. Game 5 had to be about the craziest game I have ever seen (Regular Season or Post Season). However, Game 7 was a little anticlimactic. But I was glad to see the Astros win since I enjoyed it when I went to Minute Maid Park, and I like that Houston's team name has its roots in the space program.


Last year was an exciting World Series as well. Especially Game 7 and especially since it was between two teams that had the longest World Series droughts at the time. It was pretty much what a Cubs and Red Sox World Series could have been like in 2003.

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Think of all the 1st World Series appearances and long championship droughts ending that we have seen since 2004. Here they are:

2004 - Boston Red Sox Championship (86 Years 1918-2004)
2005 - Chicago White Sox Championship (87 Years 1917-2005)
2005 - Houston Astros 1st Appearance (43 Years 1962-2005)
2006 - St. Louis Cardinals Championship (24 Years 1982-2006)
2007 - Colorado Rockies 1st Appearance (14 Years 1993-2007)
2008 - Philadelphia Phillies Championship (28 Years 1980-2008)
2008 - Tampa Bay Rays 1st Appearance (10 Years 1998-2008)
2010 - San Francisco Giants Championship (56 Years 1954-2010)
2010 - Texas Rangers 1st Appearance (49 Years 1961-2010)
2015 - Kansas City Royals Championship (30 Years 1985-2015)
2016 - Chicago Cubs Championship (108 Years 1908-2016)
2017 - Houston Astros Championship (55 Years 1962-2017)
Here are the teams that will have a World Series championship drought of at least 30 years in 2018:
Cleveland Indians (70 Years 1948)
Texas Rangers (57 Years 1961)
Milwaukee Brewers (49 Years 1969)
San Diego Padres (49 Years 1969)
Washington Nationals (49 Years 1969)
Seattle Mariners (41 Years 1977)
Pittsburgh Pirates (39 Years 1979)
Baltimore Orioles (35 Years 1983)
Detroit Tigers (34 Years 1984)
New York Mets (32 Years 1986)
Los Angeles Dodgers (30 Years 1988)
And here are the teams that have not been in a World Series since 2000:
Pittsburgh Pirates (1979)
Milwaukee Brewers (1982)
Baltimore Orioles (1983)
Oakland Athletics (1990)
Cincinnati Reds (1990)
Minnesota Twins (1991)
Toronto Blue Jays (1993)
San Diego Padres (1998)
Atlanta Braves (1999)
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Here are some fun facts:


The Cubs and Indians scored the same amount of runs in the 2016 World Series. It was the first time two teams had done that since the 1948 World Series between the Braves and Indians. It happened again this year with the Dodgers and Astros each scoring 34 runs.


This year was the first time since 1970 where two 100 regular season win teams have played in the World Series. The 1970 World Series was between the Cincinnati Reds (102 wins) and the Baltimore Orioles (108 wins).

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It kills me that Jon Daniels decided he had to have a power struggle with Nolan Ryan over team decisions for the Rangers. Ryan packs his bags, heads to Houston and turns that team into a World Champion. Meanwhile, the Rangers head into a downward spiral and their once lucrative farm system isn't looking good at all.

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Yeah, Gamevet, I have a lot of friends who are happy for Ryan because of this. They live in Dallas. Ryan's one of my all time favorites and the Rangers were lookin' good for a while. My friend, Cheryl, laments that it should have been the Rangers.

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This was obviously a very good World Series but I do think people got ahead of themselves with saying just how great it was. A solid game 6 and dud game 7 can't be a truly all time great series. The 7 game World Series I remember are:


1986: Mets over Red Sox

1987: Twins over Cardinals

1991: Twins over Braves

1997: Marlins over Indians

2001: Diamonbacks over Yankees

2002: Angels over Giants

2011: Cardinals over Rangers

2014: Giants over Royals

2016: Cubs over Indians

2017: Astros over Dodgers


Out of those 10 Series I'd probably put this one somewhere in the middle. It's behind 1986, 1991, 2001, 2016 for sure.

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Baseball is set up for a good run here. There are alot of very good young players concentrated on a few teams. In the AL you obviously have Houston with Altuve, Correa, Bregman and Springer. A great young core. The Yankees have Judge and Sanchez with several other good young players on the team and more on the way. The Sox have Betts and Benintendi. In the Central the Tribe has a great double play combo in Lindor and Ramirez and several good young pitchers.


Over in the NL the Dodgers have Seager at SS, Bellinger at 1b. Don't forget about the Cubs with still alot of top young talent.


Should be some good rivalries in the postseason.

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Guest El Chalupacabra

Outside of football, I'll always say that baseball is easily the major sport best designed for television viewing.

Baseball is definitely boring as F*** to see live.

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Fair enough, but baseball, like football, has an easily followed narrative broken down into multiple sub-plots. Each at pitch in an at bat has a different feel, tension rises as someone gets on base. There's the constantly possible instant offense of the home run. There's the feeling of lost opportunity as batters get left on base. The man vs. man aspect is played up with pitcher vs. batter. The players are unmasked and easily identifiable, the pitchers have their own unique motions, the batters their own swings. The crack of the bat sends everyone in motion. It really is an elegant sport for television drama.


Where football has most of that, but through the roof mini-dramas throughout a drive thanks to having to make a 1st down every 3 plays. Basketball, hockey, and soccer lack most of those advantages. Hockey and soccer can have close calls, but for the most part, the players are probing, probing, probing until finally there's a goal that almost feels random. Basketball's more free with the points, but even the most spectacular dunk is worth only about 1/50 of what you need to win the game, so the stakes are relatively diffused.

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