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"Shadow Academy": Book 2 in the Young Jedi Knights Series

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chapter 1:

Luke Skywalker catches his nephew, Jacen, in his office, practicing with Luke’s lightsaber. Jacen feels he’s ready for one, but Luke isn’t so sure. He encourages Jacen to be patient.

In the meantime, Jacen asks Luke to see if he can persuade Tenel Ka to accompany him, Jaina and Lowbacca on their trip to Lando Calrissian’s GemDiver operation on the planet Yavin. Tenel Ka doesn’t think the trip will be interesting, but Jacen thinks she’s just making it up. Luke explains that Tenel Ka has to make her own decisions.

It turns out that Tenel Ka is expecting a visit from a Hapan Ambassador, Yfra, who is being sent by her grandmother. Though she no longer rules the Hapan Consortium, Tenel Ka’s grandmother still wields a great deal of power. She has been having bad dreams about being chased by Nightsisters, a group of power-hungry women who no longer threaten her mother’s world of Dathomir. Knowing that the Nightsisters are very similar in attitude to the cut-throat women on Hapes, Tenel Ka wonders if this is what is spurring her dreams.

It’s best that Yfra is coming while her friends are going on a trip. She has not yet told anyone that she is a princess of Hapes and doesn’t want anyone to know yet.

Jacen tells his sister and Lowbacca that the Lady Luck has arrived. Lando Calrissian and his colleague, Lobot, take the three students to Yavin.


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chapter 2:
Lando assures them that GemDiver Station has a top-notch security system. He is, after all, mining valuable Corusca gems. This trip will give them the chance to do things they cannot do while lifting rocks at the academy or wielding a lightsaber.
Jacen points out that none of them have lightsabers yet. Lando recommends he trusts his uncle’s judgment on that matter.
When they land, Lando gives them a tour of the station, including the latest shipment of gems. Yavin’s core is the only place where Corusca gems can be found. The Empire tried mining them here, but cost was high and that plan quickly fell apart. The Corusca gem is the hardest substance in the galaxy and can cut through transparisteel.
When the students ask if they can help with some of the mining, Lando reluctantly agrees. He takes them aboard a tough Submersible Mining Environment called the Fast Hand for the trip to the core.
  • I’m having a hard time believing the Empire could not make mining the hardest substance in the galaxy work out.

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chapter 3:

An energy tether lowers the Fast Hand down past contractors who skim gems from the higher levels and give Lando a cut of the intake. They are going further down. Along the way, Jacen tries to tell Lando a joke about two droids who talk to each other about playing sabaac with Wookiees. Lando is able to finish the joke.

Storms make the descent difficult and their tether disconnects at one point. Lando is quite tense, but allows them to try their hand at fishing for gems. Jacen finds one right away. When he finds out how valuable it is, he decides to give it to his mother for her next birthday.

They are soon hit by another one hurled by the strong winds. Lando can’t believe his luck while traveling with the students. Still, he takes them back up before the storms get worse. Upon disembarking, they find alarms sounding. An unidentified fleet is approaching them quickly. It appears to be Imperial.


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chapter 4:

Jaina has studied all kinds of ships and tells Lando that the assault craft in question cannot be matched by his security. Lando is sure they are here to steal Corusca gems, but Jacen gets the feeling whoever it is is after the students themselves. When one of the craft docks at the station, Lando tells them to stay where they are. They follow him anyway.

Dozens of stormtroopers come through the opening, followed by a sinister-looking woman who orders that the children remain unharmed. Though Lando tries to get them to safety, stun weapons are used on him and on the students.


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chapter 5:

Tenel Ka anxiously awaits the arrival of the shuttle, dressed in her Dathomiran finest. She treads a fine border between pleasing and annoying her grandmother. Luke tells her she has a message and asks if she would like him to be with her when the emissary arrives.

Ambassador Yfra explains their meetings on Coruscant have been delayed and they must postpone her arrival for two more days. Tenel Ka is worried because her friends are due back before then. Luke offers to bring Tenel Ka to Coruscant instead, but the ambassador is adamant that her instructions were to observe the princess in her studies.

They are interrupted by a priority message from Lando Calrrisian who explains that Imperial-based intruders got past his security systems and kidnapped Jacen, Jaina and Lowbacca. Luke and Tenel Ka make immediate plans to head to GemDiver Station.

Luke assures Lando that it’s not his fault that the students were captured. Lando still feels guilty. He’d assumed the intruders were pirates using Imperial gear and were after the Corusca gems. He’s also embarrassed that they were able to cut through a portion of his station. Doubtlessly, they used industrial-grade Corusca gems.

Those are fairly rare, so Luke suggests they found out to whom Lando has recently sold some. Lando utilizes a broker on Borgo Prime, an asteroid that contains a spaceport. It’s not a particularly safe place.

Luke urges Han and Leia to stay on Coruscant and run an investigation from there. He will be following a lead first. The parents and Chewbacca agree to stay for the time being.


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chapter 6:
Jacen, Jaina and Lowbacca wake up in a room, unbound, where food and water sit. Em Teedee is gone. They try the door and find an armored stormtrooper standing guard. He alerts the mysterious woman who arrives and orders them to follow her.
She is Tamith Kai, who represents a new order of Nightsisters on Dathomir built up by the Empire. On the bridge of the ship, they are angry to see Qorl, the pilot they’d encountered on Yavin IV. He returned to the Empire and told them everything he’d learned.
They exit hyperspace in the Core where a space station hidden by a cloaking device is waiting. Tamith Kai tells then they will begin new lives training to serve the Empire at this Shadow Academy.
  • We already know that the Empire knows of the existence of the Jedi Academy since they’ve tried to put spies there. I can’t imagine that Qorl told them anything new.
  • Also, isn’t there a peace treaty between the New Republic and the Empire right now? Wouldn’t attacking a world within the New Republic’s borders and kidnapping three Jedi students constitute a violation of that treaty?

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chapter 7:
Luke and Tenel Ka are both tired, but go over their cover story as barely law-abiding traders who discovered a vault of treasure on Ossus and need industrial grade Corusca gems to get into it.
Luke warns her that the people who travel to Borgo Prime are dangerous and are more likely to kill than greet. Tenel Ka assures him it sounds just like the Hapan Court .
Still, she’s not prepared for the way the place both revolts and excites her. Luke reminds her she doesn’t have to do this. They find their way into a bar where they find someone who is able to give them some information. A man tells them that a woman bought up an entire shipment of industrial-grade Corusca gems recently. He can’t remember exactly what she called herself but it was something like woman of darkness. Tenel Ka guesses that it was a Nightsister.
  • I can’t imagine Tamith Kai was foolish enough to reveal herself as a Nightsister in this pub, knowing that information is bought and sold here.

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chapter 8:

Noting that Qorl’s arm looks bulkier than before, they ask if the Empire fixed it for him. Qorl reveals that it was replaced with a droid arm that is better than the one he had before. Jacen and Jaina assure him that the New Republic would have just treated it with bacta or, at worst, given him a prosthetic, not a droid arm. Qorl is not dissuaded.

They are taken into the station, the cloaking device engaged, and greeted by Brakiss, a man they’ve heard of. Brakiss admits that he and Master Skywalker disagreed on certain aspects of Jedi training. He does, however, agree that the Jedi Knights are needed to prop up the New Republic.

The Imperial Remnant has been the scene of constant in-fighting. Now, they have a leader who began a Second Imperium. To last, they need a generation of warriors to serve him the way the Jedi Knights serve the corrupt New Republic, the way the Old Republic Jedi slowed the decay of a government that should have died long before it did. The twins point out that the Empire can never seem to find a single leader behind which to rally.

They also remind him that their parents and Master Skywalker will hunt for them. Brakiss tells them they will learn to develop their Force skills here to serve the Second Imperium as Dark Jedi Knights. Em Teedee will be returned as soon as some minor reprogramming is finished. They are all marched to individual student quarters and locked inside.


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chapter 9:
Luke and Tenel Ka are aboard the Off Chance, traveling to Dathomir to follow their new lead. She is troubled by more dreams along the way.
Luke admits that he’s had those dreams, too. She doesn’t understand how the Nightsisters could return. She’d thought, for a long time, that they were just evil characters in made up stories used to scare children. The Nightsisters were supposed to have been eliminated before she was born.
Luke explains that Force-sensitive people like those on Dathomir are always at risk to learn how to misuse their powers. He tells her how he, Han and Leia joined forces with her mother’s tribe to end the rule of the Nightsisters. He tells her how her mother, Teneniel Djo, captured him in an attempt to take him as a husband. She is surprised by this. Her parents speak little of that time.
He can tell she loves them. Tenel Ka explains she does love them and is proud of them; however, she is not proud of her heritage as a daughter of the Hapan dynasty. She comes from a line of power-hungry tyrants. That is not something she wishes to share with her friends.
Luke tells her that her father recognized his mother’s aggressive tendencies and has worked to avoid those practices himself. She should honor his work in that regard. Tenel Ka wishes to earn respect herself, not have it because she happened to be born to power and privelege.
Her parents are proud that she has chosen to be a Jedi. Luke points out that she has chosen a difficult path then.
  • Luke described events from The Courtship of Princess Leia.

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chapter 10:
The next morning, the twins are reunited with each other and Lowbacca. Jacen tells a joke about it taking two stormtroopers to change a glowpanel because one will change it and the other will shoot him and take credit for it. Tamith Kai doesn’t find it amusing.
They are marched to a classroom where several human young people in uniforms are sitting. Jaina has seen young people like this before, eager to serve darkness. She asks a student next to her why they are here.
He tells her they are learning to use the Force from Master Brakiss. Jaina can tell Brakiss has a hold on the minds of these students. He starts by relating the Force is an energy field, but goes to explain that the Force is made up of both light and dark. That is why his school is called a Shadow Academy. Life is made up of shadows and they will learn to use both sides.
After quickly telling Lowie to knock out the power station in a couple of days, Jaina continues to protest that utilizing the Dark Side of the Force will only enslave them. Tired of her constant interruptions, he uses the Force to build a wall of pain around her with Force lighting.
Lowie starts running amok which brings the stormtroopers. Jacen shakes Jaina to wake her up. Brakiss stills everyone. He tells the three new students that he doesn’t want to hurt them, but they will have to learn discipline. He orders them locked in their quarters and compliments Lowie on his powerful anger.
  • Jaina probably remembers indoctrinated youth serving the Empire when she was being held by Hethrir at his Empire Reborn headquarters in The Crystal Star.
  • It’s rather surprising that Lowie is being taught here, too. The Empire tends to avoid aliens.

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chapter 11:
Tenel Ka guides the ship over the planet to the Singing Mountain Clan. She points out the Blue Mountain people and is impressed when Luke tells her one gave him a ride the last time he was here.
They are warmly welcomed by the clan and ushered in at once to meet with Tenel Ka’s great-grandmother, Augwynne Djo, who is expecting them.
The old woman explains that the Nightsisters are not the type Luke knew from his time here. Instead of wizened old women, they are young, warriors, some of them not even women. Tenel Ka tells her they must find these people to help save her friends.
Augwynne directs her to the Council of Sisters if she wishes to go through with this.
  • We met Augwynne in The Last Jedi and The Courtship of Princess Leia.
  • We find out in this chapter that Tenel Ka’s full name is Tenel Ka Chume Ta’ Djo.

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chapter 12:

Brakiss sends a message to the hidden leader of the Shadow Academy. It had been a long time since the encampment on Dathomir had produced strong students, so it was worth it to capture the three from Luke Skywalker’s academy.

Thus far, they are highly resistant as Skywalker has taught them very well, but Brakiss and Tamith Kai will use their separate skills to sway them.

There are times when he misses Yavin IV. Luke had seen through Brakiss as soon as he arrived, but, instead of expelling him, as he had so many other Imperial spies, Skywalker had seen potential in Brakiss. He’d patiently schooled him in the use of the Force.

When Brakiss was forced to view the self-deception inside him and the cruelties of the Empire, he could not take it. He left the school and rejoined the Second Imperium.

Though there is a need for Dark Jedi to back up the new leader, there are risks involved in teaching Force-sensitives to use the Dark Side. They tend to become ambitious. To avoid too many problems, the Shadow Academy has a number of explosives rigged to it to wipe out the place.

Brakiss can’t leave her until he proves this will work. Sitting on a giant bomb isn’t helpful for clear thinking. However, he does decide to allow Tamith Kai to work on Lowbacca, while he determines what Jacen and Jaina want most and find a way to give it to them.


  • Who is this hidden leader anyway? It can’t still be Kueller, right? And, since the Empire is still theoretically at peace with the New Republic, is this some kind of fringe Imperial group?

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chapter 13:
Jacen is brought into a room with Brakiss who gives him a lightsaber. Jacen explains that Master Skywalker doesn’t believe he’s ready. Brakiss thinks Luke holds his students back unnecessarily. Lightsaber training is among the first skills they teach here at the Shadow Academy. What good is fighting for a cause, after all, if they do not know how to fight?
He is going to utilize holographic opponents for Jacen to practice against. If Jacen thinks he is not going to fight, Brakiss warns him he could easily put a real creature in among the fake ones.
Jacen asks what would happen if he just kills Brakiss. Brakiss points out that Luke Skywalker doesn’t teach his students to kill in cold blood. Should Jacen prove able to move beyond those teachings, Brakiss may be dead, but Jacen would have taken a step to the Dark Side and be of use to the Empire.
He leaves and Jacen finds himself confronted with an Abyssin, a cyclopean creature. Jacen tries to use a calming technique through the Force to reach out to the being, but it remains angry. Jacen realizes that, if the creature is a hologram, the Force won’t help him.
The creature has a huge club. Knowing that he could easily be squashed, Jacen is forced to ignite the lightsaber which he uses to slice the club twice and then plunge into the creature’s chest.
It falls to the floor and vanishes. Brakiss re-enters and tells him it was a good start.
  • What kind of hologram is that? Jacen’s lightsaber is effective on it and the club would have injured or killed him if it hit him. That’s not the type of hologram we’re used to the SW universe.

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chapter 14:

Lowie is frustrated at the way he allowed himself to be provoked in the classroom. He has to learn to control his anger. That is exactly what Tamith Kai does not want him to do.

She enters his room and tells him that she will teach him to use his anger in the pursuit of power. The stormtroopers take away the belt that he wears as a symbol of his Coming of Age and he is marched to an empty room and left there.

After hours, he is awakened by a loud alarm and bangs the walls heatedly. Tamith Kai appears and tells him the lesson has just begun. She pummels him with loud sirens, flashing strobes and jets of icy water.

The only way to end this is to destroy the sonic generator she has. He must use the Force to do so. Lowie tries but his ability to use the Force is not well practiced. She urges him to release his anger and be free. Standing firm on principle gives him nothing. Tamith Kai tells him his friends have already realized this.

She shows him images of Jacen wielding a lightsaber and Jaina tossing Force lightning with ease. Bewildered and unhappy, Lowie howls in anger and remembers nothing else.

He wakes up in his room. Tamith Kai tells him he did so well that they couldn’t even repair the sonic generator. As a reward, she gives him his droid back. Em Teedee is happy to speak to Lowie, pointing out that he caused all of his own problems by resisting.

He’s been reprogrammed to help Brakiss in showing Lowie how important it is to cooperate. Lowie starts to agree, then realizes that he may have stumbled, but he hasn’t given up. He knows Jacen and Jaina wouldn’t either.


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chapter 15:
Tenel Ka tells Luke that she’s spoken to the Council of Sisters and they will have to wait until dusk for their answers. Luke reminds here that the hardest thing to do sometimes is wait. She busies herself with small jobs to pass the time.
They are alerted to the arrival of a young warrior woman on a rancor who approaches the Clan village. The woman is a Nightsister. Luke agrees that she feels different from the old women he’d known in the past. A man accompanies her which also indicates the order has changed.
The Nightsister uses the Force to amplify and to play on emotions as she encourages the members of the Singing Mountain Clan to join her.
Her name is Vonnda Ra and her companion is Vilas. She explains that the Nightsisters of old may have been wrong in their focus, but that doesn’t mean their training was bad. She has learned that the Force abides in all living things, males, as well as females. They can use it to build their strength.
She allows them to see a demonstration of Vilas’s ability to bring a storm upon them. They are looking for new trainees. Those interested may come to the Great Canyon to present themselves.
Tenel Ka asks Luke what they should do. Luke believes that this is the best way to find the other students. He and Tenel Ka will go the Great Canyon and offer themselves as candidates.
  • I guess that they didn’t need to hear what the Council of Sisters had to say since they now know where the new Nightsisters are staying?

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chapter 16:

Jaina hands the lightsaber back to Brakiss and tells him she won’t play any more games. She insists on seeing her brother and Lowie instead of fighting worthless holographic monsters.

Brakiss agrees to let her see them if she participates in this training session and agrees not to disrupt any more classes. She agrees, especially after he reminds her that she will be learning how to use the Force and that could be helpful if she plans to escape.

Today’s lesson will be done with her wearing a holographic shroud. The Second Imperium may need to deploy its warriors in disguise so she will wear a mask. When the session begins, Jaina finds herself in disguise, confronted by Darth Vader.

While she hates what Vader represents, she feels uncomfortable fighting him because she cannot help but think of what the good man he had been could have accomplished. Forcing herself to think of him as Brakiss or Tamith Kai, she begins to fight.

It’s more difficult than the other fights. She and this Vader are evenly matched to the point where she cannot gain an advantage. Finally, the fight ends and the holographic shrouds drop. She finds herself facing Jacen.

From the control room, Brakiss watches with Qorl. The pilot thinks it’s dangerous to have the twins fight each other. If one accidentally kills the other, it will be a waste of talent. Brakiss points out that the students are just ingredients, expendable, and, if one kills the other, it means that the victor is more powerful.

However, he does agree that they should probably not take too many risks at this point. He drops the shroud and listens to them express their outrage. He doesn’t know why Jaina is so upset. She had wanted to see her brother, after all.

Qorl is noncommittal about this vocally, but he’s bothered by this casual treatment of the children.


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chapter 17:

Luke and Tenel Ka ride a rancor through the wilderness. Luke tells her how he’d had to kill a rancor once. She admits that they are dangerous beasts if you are not their friend. He explains how he tries to use the light side of the Force to turn a person rather than kill.

She reminds him the Nightsisters won’t hestitate to kill him. Luke points out that this is what differentiates the Jedi. They must demonstrate by their actions that they are different. Tenel Ka sees that this is how she proves she is not like her grandmother.

They arrive in the Great Canyon, posing as a member from another clan and her slave, and are taken to Vonnda Ra who tests their powers. She explains that many with little to no skill arrive here wanting to be elevated in status or to reap the benefits from their progressive thinking. After determining that Tenel Ka has anger in her and that Luke understands the Dark Side, she agrees to have them taken via an Imperial supply ship to the secret training center in the stars.


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chapter 18:

Their next exercise pits Jacen and Jaina in a room battling projectiles while Lowbacca will be in a control room using remotes to try to protect them. The twins will have wooden sticks and will have to bat away a progression of dangerous objects tossed at them from the walls while blindfolded. First balls, then rocks, then knives.

It is difficult to hit the fast-moving objects as they fly from the walls. Brakiss had urged them to open up to their anger to increase their power more quickly.

From the control room, Lowbacca tries his best to use the remotes to protect his friends from being hit, but he’s not successful every time. He finally decides to use the computer to shut the training room down. Tamith Kai is unhappy, but Brakiss points out that they hadn’t told him he couldn’t do it. It shows initiative. In fact, since Master Skywalker has better students, they had decided to just steal his. These three have worked out well so they are going to kidnap another group soon.


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chapter 19:

A state of the art ship lands and they are introduced to Garowyn. Tenel Ka is ashamed that so many of her people have created a new order of Nightsisters less than two decades after her parents had helped get rid of them.

She resolves not to use the Force unless her physical abilities are not up to the challenge. Garowyn decides to test them herself, as well, aboard the Shadow Chaser.

Garowyn gives them a brief tour of the ship and tells them that the escape pods are build for one passenger only and sends a signal that only be decoded at their destination, the Shadow Academy.

As a native of Dathomir, Garowyn is used to dismissing the worth of men. She doesn’t spend so much time on Luke as she does in gauging Tenel Ka’s strength. She warns the girl about spending too much time relying on brute physical strength. Garowyn uses the Force to lift Tenel Ka into the air and urges her to use her anger to free herself.

Instead, Tenel Ka uses her rope and grappling hook to latch on to something and pull herself to the floor. Garowyn is impressed, despite the fact that the girl landed on her backside. She doesn’t notice that the grappling hook latches onto the escape pod hatch.

Luke indicates he can probably lift Garowyn and does so very well, spinning her around quickly. Tenel Ka opens the pod hatch, Garowyn flies inside and they eject it. Tenel Ka sees what Luke means about finding alternatives to killing.

When the Shadow Chaser drops out of hyperspace, they see nothing there. Suddenly, a space station appears. Obviously, it was cloaked. He tells Tenel Ka that the Dark Side is not stronger.


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chapter 20:

The students are locked in their rooms at night. The twins were refused medication for their pain in order to remind them of their failure to deflect balls and rocks.

Jacen thinks about how to prevent any more students from being abducted, then remembers his Corusca gem. Lando had said that the gems were hard enough to cut through transparisteel, but Lando says a lot of things. Jacen hopes this isn’t an exaggeration.

He uses it to cut through the control panel and touch wires together to open the door. Outside, in the hallway, he finds Jaina’s room and frees her. Lowie is happy to see them, but Em Teedee is not. With his new programming, he points out he will have to sound an alarm.

Jaina threatens to rewire him if he does.

She wants Lowie to bring down the cloaking shield and seal all the doors to the quarters while she will look for a ship to steal in the hangar. They spot a ship approaching and decide they’ll just take that one.

Lowie is having trouble with the passwords. They force Em Teedee to connect to the computer and release them. Lowie is then able to bring down the shield and lock all doors except those they will need to escape. That’s when alarms begin to sound all through the station.


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chapter 21:

Brakiss is in his office finalizing a plan to abduct more students from the Shadow Academy when he gets an odd feeling. He leaves and wanders the halls for a moment before trying to return. He finds himself locked out of the office and then the alarms sound.

Jacen, Jaina and Lowbacca reach the hangar and run toward the newly-arrived shuttle. The doors open and they see Master Skywalker and Tenel Ka there. They cannot get past the sealed space doors here, but Jaina thinks they might be able to handle that from the shuttle.

From the docking bay control room, Qorl watches them. He knew they were responsible for the disturbances and is somewhat amused that they are now escaping. He truly does find Brakiss’s training methods disturbing, particularly the last exercise which is already responsible for the deaths of a dozen students.

But, he’s a loyal soldier of the Empire, and calls through for assistance since he’s also trapped in this room.

Tamith Kai uses the Force to blow her way through the doors confining her and heads to the docking bay.

Jacen urges Luke to hurry up and get on board, but Luke senses the presence of his former student. Brakiss appears and tells him that he’d sensed him, too. Luke holds his lightsaber, but Brakiss knows Luke won’t kill him.

After all, Brakiss is an unarmed opponent. Luke reminds him that, with the Force as their ally, neither is unnarmed. Brakiss starts to generate Force lightning, but doesn’t get far when Jaina uses the Shadow Chaser’s weapons to hit the bay doors, separting him from Luke.

Knowing he hasn’t seen the last of Brakiss, Luke gets aboard the ship.

Tenel Ka is intent on sealing any other door that could let anyone else in the docking bay when she is confronted by a Nightsister who claims her to replace the three students she’s about to destroy.

When Tenel Ka refuses, Tamith Kai gathers her dark strength to attack. That delay gives Tenel Ka enough time to kick the woman’s unarmored kneecap.

She is the last one to board the Shadow Chaser before it takes off.

Inside, though, there is still the problem with the sealed bay doors. They do their best to try to open them until stormtroopers arrive. Suddenly, the doors open, the ships flies through them and Luke congratulates them. They admit they weren’t the ones who opened them.

In the control room, Qorl decides Brakiss and Tamith Kai don’t need to know anymore than they already do.

Brakiss is more concerned about the Rebel fleet that will likely show up soon anyway and starts to make plans to move the station. He doesn’t know how he’s going to explain to their leader what happened.


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chapter 22:

The twins greet their parents over the comm.. Leia already has people working to find the Shadow Academy. Lando is working on refining his security procedures, but Luke doesn’t think Brakiss will show up looking for Jedi students here. He will probably try to recruit them elsewhere.

Jaina regales her father with news of the state-of-the-art ship that she and Lowie are working on. Leia agrees to allow the ship to stay there for the Academy’s use. Em Teedee has been reprogrammed to his original self.

Tenel Ka has had no more dreams about the Nightsisters since returning. She speaks to her parents and conveys greetings from the Singing Mountain Clan, then prepares for a talk with her grandmother.

The maitriarch says she’s told that Tenel Ka is to be commended. She hopes Tenel Ka understands her wish to keep her granddaughter safe and hopes one or two guards on a nearby system is the best for both. As it is, Ambassador Yfra is needed elsewhere. She expects that Tenel Ka isn’t that disappointed to hear that bit of news.

After speaking with Jaina and Lowie, Luke meets Jacen on the top of the pyramid. He hands Jacen a lightsaber and asks to see what he learned. Jacen gives it back and tells him that he learned he isn’t ready after all. A lightsaber isn’t a showy prize; it’s a dangerous tool that could hurt someone.

Brakiss taught him many things but they were the wrong things. Luke reminds him that the Force guides the user in defeating one’s enemies or knowing when not to defeat them. Jacen reminds him that enemies are sometimes evil. Luke says he’s never met anyone who was wholly good or wholly evil.

Jacen tells him he will wait until he is ready. Luke believes that the time may be sooner than expected with Brakiss still out there.


  • Interesting that Luke doesn’t consider Palpatine to have been totally evil.

End of Book 2

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