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Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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I mostly follow news on Twitter, but I have a friend who is friends with people who are.. alt-right adjacent. I see some, but very little




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I don't even remember what it was he said that got him into trouble. Part of me wants him to do a reboot of Toxic Avenger. He's part of (or was) Tromaville.



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Pretty sure Gunn joked about rape, essentially, he defended himself by saying he is constantly working on not being an angry angry survivor of sexual abuse himself. But then the thing which was the straw for Disney was a photo at a Halloween Party where he was dressed as a priest and on each arm was stereotypical schoolgirl outfitted ladies. The person that dug that photo up (who turned out to be an uber right-wing whack job, which isnt saying there arent those types on the left too) equated the photo to the rape joke scandal, saying Gunn was attending parties which glorified and themed on pedo behavior. Disney reacted fairly swiftly and canned Gunn before the truth about the photo just being a moment where people amazingly showed up to a legit Halloween party in get this... Halloween costumes... and then thought what a funny photo these particular three people would make.

Afterthought: I deleted my twitter months ago, after I lost my cool and told Trump to **** off. lol Oh my, so sordid and beyond the pale, I know. But still, for me... Anyway, Ive thought about social media a lot since, Ive concluded it appears to be best used for literal family and friends. Mass rando interaction is like drinking from a toilet.

Afterthought, part two: Not that Ive drank from a toilet before.

Afterthought, the special edition: Maybe not all family either, pretty sure we have that family member that we are all yeah, no about.

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The alt-right is going crazy about it.

Oh no the poor snowflakes, better get their apps ready to tell them where its aafe to eat
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