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Netflix's Marvel Defenders

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Transducer X

Transducer X


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I'm half-way through, and I'm not as interested as I have been with the other Marvel Netflix shows. I thoroughly enjoyed DD seasons 1 and 2, JJ, and LC. I didn't watch IF because I just wasn't hearing anything good about it, and I've gathered enough info about it to follow the story in The Defenders. But at this point I thought I'd be more eager to finish it. It seemed to take too long for the heroes to meet, and then they've been arguing more than anything. And not even arguing about interesting stuff, just arguing to argue. It's almost boring. 

Yea, I didn't watch IF either and they tricked us a bit by making that series pretty crucial to the story line. Still, plenty to like though a tatch-of-a-letdown. I didn't think JJ was a as good as most but this has me very eager to see the next season. 

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