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The Last Jedi--spoilers, rumors etc.

The Choc

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Ok, as the thread title suggests this will contain possible/potential spoilers for TLJ. So read on only if you wish to possibly/potentially be spoiled!!


I haven't been a spoiler hound like I was for the prequels but my curiousness does get the best of me from time to time. Here is a very broad/general outline of how I think the movie can go. It doesn't contain any huge reveals like "who are Reys parents" more just a feeling for how the movie will generally flow.


When the movie starts there are essentially three different locations characters will be present at: Rey and Luke on Ach To, Leia, Finn, Poe etc at the Resistance base and Kylo, Snoke meeting back up. My basic feeling is this. The first act of the movie will consist of Luke and Reys introduction and early training in the Force. Meanwhile The First Order knows where The Resistance Base is and they have a pretty strong idea that the Resistance knows where Luke is. So common sense follows that they would attack the Resistance base.


So the first act will climax with this attack on the Resistance, possibly during some kind of service in memory of Han or possibly not. The fall out from this is that the Resistance is in bad shape and also I think possibly Leia could be captured. Meanwhile this whole time Rey is doing her early training with Luke.


The next stage of the movie consists of three threads. First Leia's imprisonment whereby they will try to extract Lukes location from her, without success. Also could provide some emotional scenes of her with Kylo. Secondly will be Finn, Poe, BB8 and whoever trying to find and rescue Leia. This could feature the role of Kelly Tran and the heavily rumored sequence where Finn dresses as a First Order Officer.


Thirdly will be Luke and Rey on Ach To. I think this storyline will provide alot of flashbacks/forcebacks whatever you want to call them. Could detail several different aspects leading up to the events of TFA. Ben Solo's fall to the darkside, Lukes failure in training him, Likes disatisfaction with the recent teachings of the Jedi Order which led him to find the original Temple to try to figure out the pure early forms of the Jedi. Possibly some backstory on Rey herself. I think the flashbacks will be a major part of the middle of the movie.


Then we transition to the third act where Finn, Poe and them zero in on rescuing Leia. They fail and even worse Kylo is able to get Lukes location either from Leia or someone else captured during the rescue attempt. Leia possibly dies, I really have no idea. However I think her and Finn and other good guys are taken out of play temporarily.


Kylo rounds up the Knights of Ren and some stormtroopers and heads to Act To to find Luke. They arrive and find Luke and Rey and the fight is on. Meanwhile Finn, Poe, possibly Leia manage to escape and also head to Ach To to help Luke and Rey.


There is a dual fight with Rey facing Kylo one on one in a rematch and Luke facing the rest of the Knights of Ren. Kylo defeats Rey but doesn't kill her. Luke is able to defeat the rest of the Knights of Ren and then turns to Kylo one on one. After a long fight, trash talk and all that Ren kills Luke. He turns his attention back to an injured Rey but just then Finn and company show up and scoop Rey up and are able to escape, probably in the Falcon, past the rest of The First Order and find safety.



Again, this is probably alot more prediction/speculation than actual spoilers. More than anything I wanted to start a spoiler thread and figured I should at least put something in the first post.

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One semi-unsubstantiated rumor I've read: There might be a funeral sequence, and I've seen it "reported" that it'll be a new planet, possibly Coreillia (which seems like fan-service, however keep in mind that planet will probably show up in some capacity in the Han Solo movie)


And another "for sure" rumor: The casino planet with Benicio del Toro's character.

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