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Best Launch Titles of All-Time

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Little bit of a spill-over from the Breath of the Wild thread, I was wondering if that games acclaim was just a passing moment, or if it'll go down as one of the top launch titles ever released. So I started thinking about it and came up with a list of my own. As per my usual taste, it tends to be Nintendo-centric, but I think it defensible.


10. F-Zero (SNES)
9. Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess (Wii)
8. Soulcaliber (Dreamcast)
7. Super Mario World (SNES)
6. Geometry Wars (Xbox 360/XBLA)
5. Halo (Xbox)
4. Mario 64 (N64)
3. Wii Sports (Wii)
2. Tetris (Game Boy)
1. Super Mario Bros. (NES, American release)


Honorary Mention: Pong (Pong systems of the 70s, because Pong didn't need no other games!)


Just to note, the Top 7 were reserved for games that served as showcases for their console (or service in the case of Geometry Wars). Each could be considered the backbone of their consoles' success. Basically, I'm saying it because I want to explain why Wii Sports is so high despite it not belonging anywhere on the list from a pure gameplay standpoint. It's impossible to measure, but it's got a solid claim for being the single biggest system seller ever.

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Id put DooM (original), Quake (1&2), Warcraft (1&2), WoW, and Skyrim on that list if we're talking benchmark games. Im sure there are many more that my brain has not the energy to sort at the moment.

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Did Super Mario Brothers launch Nintendo in the US?


Yes, with a little caveat that it wasn't available for the market test in New York the year before its nationwide launch.


There was an SKU with R.O.B., so that's probably the one you got. That was the expensive deluxe one. But there was another one with Super Mario Bros. as a pack-in and that's pretty much the one most people got and remember and which brought the American video game industry back from the dead.


Now go thank your parents for buying you the premium set.

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