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Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series

Chris Oakley

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1)2016 Patriots vs. 1968 Jets

2)1996 Packers vs. 1985 Bears

3)1983 Raiders vs. 1969 Chiefs

4)1997 Broncos vs. 1963 Chargers

5)2007 Giants vs. 1960 Eagles

6)1989 49ers vs. 2013 Seahawks

7)1999 Rams vs. 1947 Cardinals

8)1972 Dolphins vs 1990 Bills

9)1979 Steelers vs. 1964 Browns

10)2000 Ravens vs. 1958 Colts

11)1995 Cowboys vs. 1982 'Skins

12)2009 Saints vs. 1998 Falcons

13)1999 Titans vs. 1996 Jaguars

14)1976 Vikings vs. 1957 Lions

15)2015 Panthers vs. 2002 Buccaneers

16)1978 Oilers vs. 1988 Bengals



1)2004 Red Sox vs. 1956 Yankees

2)1988 Dodgers vs. 2014 Giants

3)2008 Phillies vs. 1960 Pirates

4)1969 Mets vs. 2016 Cubs

5)1976 Reds vs. 1946 Cardinals

6)2015 Royals vs. 1991 Twins

7)1984 Tigers vs. 1948 Indians

8)1993 Blue Jays vs. 2008 Rays

9)2002 Angels vs. 1974 Athletics

10)2010 Rangers vs. 2005 Astros

11)1997 Marlins vs. 2007 Rockies

12)1995 Braves vs. 1981 Expos

13)1983 Orioles vs. 2005 White Sox

14)1984 Padres vs. 2001 Diamondbacks

15)1982 Brewers vs. 2012 Nationals


Game simulation results will be posted starting tomorrow along with schedules for NHL and NBA matchups in the series.

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You can count on it. :thumbsup:


In the meantime, here's the schedule for NHL and NBA games in the series:




1. 2011 Bruins vs. 1986 Canadiens

2. 2001 Avalanche vs. 1957 Red Wings

3. 1961 Blackhawks vs. 1967 Maple Leafs

4. 1994 Rangers vs. 1976 Flyers

5. 1983 Islanders vs. 1995 Devils

6. 2006 Hurricanes vs. 2004 Lightning

7. 1970 Blues vs. 1999 Stars

8. 1992 Penguins vs. 1998 Capitals

9. 1989 Flames vs. 1990 Oilers

10. 2014 Kings vs. 2007 Ducks

11. 1999 Stars vs. 1983 Canucks

12. 1999 Sabres vs. 2007 Senators

13. 2016 Sharks vs. 2012 Coyotes

14. 1996 Panthers vs. 2009 Blue Jackets

15. 2003 Wild vs. 2012 Predators




1. 2008 Celtics vs. 1972 Lakers

2. 1973 Knicks vs. 1983 Sixers

3. 2014 Spurs vs. 1994 Rockets

4. 2004 Pistons vs. 1991 Bulls

5. 2016 Cavaliers vs. 2000 Pacers

6. 1977 Trailblazers vs. 2012 Thunder

7. 2015 Warriors vs. 2009 Nuggets

8. 2003 Nets vs. 1971 Bucks

9. 2011 Mavericks vs. 1993 Suns

10. 2015 Clippers vs. 2002 Kings

11. 2013 Heat vs. 2009 Magic

12. 1978 Bullets(Wizards) vs. 1958 Hawks

13. 2001 Hornets vs. 2008 Pelicans

14. 2011 Grizzlies vs. 2004 Timberwolves

15. 1997 Jazz vs. 2016 Raptors

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​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series

​2016 New England Patriots vs. 1968 New York Jets @ Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Mass.

​Game Time Temperature: 35 degrees

​Weather conditions: Clear, light wind gusting about 5-10 knots


​Patriots win the coin toss and elect to kick off for the first half.


​1st Quarter: Neither the Patriots nor the Jets can get much done on offense in the game's early minutes. New York's first drive fizzles out after a 48-yard field goal attempt by Jim Turner sails wide right, while New England's initial offensive series screeches to a halt after Tom Brady is sacked for a 5-yard loss. The Jets' second drive doesn't go much better as a Joe Namath pass intended for Don Maynard on 3rd and 3 on their own 37-yard line falls just short for an incomplete; New England's second series includes a nice 13-yard run by Danny Amendola up to the Patriots 37 but fails to generate any points. On the Patriots' third drive, however, things start to get interesting as an encroachment penalty on the Jets at the New England 43 gives Brady an automatic first down. Brady is quick to capitalize on the opportunity, lobbing a six-yard pass to Julian Edelman to put the Pats on the New York 46 and set up yet another first down. A 4-yard gain by Martellus Bennett brings New England to the Jets 42, and as the final seconds of the quarter tick down a 23-yard run by Edelman brings the Patriots to the New York 19 for their first red zone chance of the day.


​2nd Quarter: The Pats get on the board first as Malcolm Mitchell catches a pass in the end zone for a touchdown. Steven Gostkowski kicks a picture-perfect PAT to give New England a 7-0 lead. Earl Christy takes the subsequent kickoff at the Jets 11 and barrels his way down the sidelines for a 22-yard return. Namath appears to have things well in hand as he marches New York's offense down to the Patriots' 44-yard line, but on 3rd and 9 a pass intended for Pete Lammons is intercepted by Nate Ebner and New England takes over on their own 20. Despite being sacked a second time at the New England 39, Brady is able to get the Pats as far as the Jets 37 before his latest drive stalls and New England has to punt again. New York gets the ball back at their own 12 and the small but highly vocal Jets fan contingent in attendance begins to voice hope for a turnaround....a hope sorely disappointed when Namath throws another incomplete on 3rd and 9 at the New England 48 with just under 2:30 remaining in the first half. The Patriots call their first timeout with 1:43 to go, then push their way up to the Jets 20. Edelman is hit for a 2-yard loss at the Jets 22, but no matter: a Gostkowski field goal stretches New England's lead to 10-0 as we head to halftime.


​3rd Quarter: The Patriots open the second half with a 21-yard kickoff return by Edelman. Starting from their own 32, New England takes advantage of quick strikes by Brady to Dion Lewis and Legarrette Blount to penetrate deep into Jets territory. An 8-yard gain by Lewis from the Jets 14 sets up a 6-yard TD pass to Martellus Bennett to put the Patriots ahead 17-0, and it looks like the game's about to turn into a blowout. But with 7:35 left on the clock, a holding penalty against the New England defense breathes new life into New York's offense, and a sweep left play by Matt Snell from the Pats' 5-yard line cuts New England's lead to 17-7.


​4th Quarter: The Jets stun the Gillette Stadium crowd with a 32-yard field goal two and a half minutes into the quarter to trim the Pats' lead to 17-10. On New York's next offensive drive, they rumble all the way up to the New England 20; after a sack on Namath pushes New York back to the Patriots' 27-yard line, he lobs a pass to George Sauer in the endzone to tie the score at 17-17 with less than seven minutes to go in regulation. Overtime begins to loom as a distinct possibility as New England begins their final offensive drive with just 1:57 left on the clock. Blount gets hit behind the line of scrimmage for a 3-yard loss, but Lewis gets those yards back and then some on a draw play; a 12-yard run by Bennett brings the Pats out to the New York 44, and a 14-yard Brady pass to Bennett moves them up to the 30. The Patriots make it as far as the Jets 26 before losing three yards on a hit to James Develin by the New York defensive line. Bill Belichick uses his final timeout with just three seconds to go in regulation, then sends Gostkowski out for a field goal try. Weeb Ewbank tries to arrange his defense to block the kick, but their efforts backfire as the kick sails through the uprights to give the Patriots the win and send Ewbank back to the locker room muttering all seven of the words on George Carlin's list(plus one or two Carlin forgot).


​FINAL SCORE: Patriots 20, Jets 17

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Tom Brady(2 TDs, 28 completions on 31 pass attempts)

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​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series

​1996 Green Bay Packers vs. 1985 Chicago Bears @ Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wis.

​Game Time Temperature: Minus 5 degrees

Weather conditions: Moderate snowfall, winds gusting at about 25-30 knots


​Packers win the coin toss and elect to receive for the first half.


​1st Quarter: Chicago draws first blood in this game when a Brett Favre pass intended for Edgar Bennett is intercepted by Leslie Frazier and returned 62 yards for a touchdown to put the Bears up 7-0. One of the announcers jokes that maybe the players on both teams should be provided with ice skates, judging by the way guys keep slipping and sliding around near midfield. But all kidding aside the weather is​ making it a bit of a challenge for the Bears and Packers to run plays, and the groundskeeping crews have their hands full trying to keep the end zones clear of snow. Green Bay cuts the Bears' lead to 7-3 on a 25-yard Chris Jacke field goal with 2:45 to go in the quarter.


​2nd Quarter: Jacke hits another field goal, this time from 31 yards, to pull the Packers within a point of the Bears at 7-6. Over on the Chicago sidelines Mike Ditka is cursing up a blue streak in frustration at the defensive lapses that are allowing the Pack to catch up with the Bears(albeit very slowly). With less than six minutes to go before halftime Kevin Butler nails a 28-yard FG to put Chicago ahead 10-6, prompting some Packer fans in attendance to worry the Bears might be starting to pull away. Those fears are soon put to rest, though, after Favre executes a near-perfect offensive drive to put Green Bay on the Chicago 11; a TD strike to Antonio Freeman gives the Packers their first lead of the game at 13-10. The Pack's edge swells to 15-10 after their defense nails Jim McMahon for a safety, and a 34-yard field goal by Jacke in the closing seconds of the first half gives Green Bay an 18-10 halftime lead.


​3rd Quarter: Jacke comes out about midway through the quarter for his fourth field goal try of the game, this time from 45 yards; the kick sails wide left thanks to a combination of driving winds and less-than-stellar visibility. Hopeful that they can still pull this one out with a late offensive surge, the Bears aggressively push all the way to the Green Bay 17-yard line, setting up a 34-yard Butler FG to cut the Pack's lead to 18-13. In spite of the bitter cold, nobody's leaving just yet; some fans, in fact, are loading up on hot coffee or cocoa in anticipation of a possible overtime.


​4th Quarter: The game's final stanza opens with a bang as Butler drives a 37-yard field goal through the uprights to cut the Packers' lead to 18-16. A sack by Richard Dent on Favre with just 2:41 to go in regulation has Bears fans hopeful that Chicago might still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, but that hope takes a major hit when Green Bay gets a first down on the Bears 30. With time slowly ticking away, Favre leads the Pack into the Chicago red zone and twice takes a knee; with just three seconds to go in regulation, a 38-yard Jacke field goal secures the win for the Pack and Mike Holmgren high-fives Favre on the sidelines after the final whistle.


​FINAL SCORE: Packers 21, Bears 16

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Edgar Bennett(121 rushing yards)

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The '96 Packers beating the '85 Bears in icy conditions that would make it a defensive struggle and put a premium on the running game? I object!




I ageee, some of the team choices are odd for sure, if not flat out wrongheaded.


The one that really jumps out at me is the Boston Bruins 2011 team over the Orr/Esposito teams of the early-70s.

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​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series

​1983 Oakland/L.A. Raiders vs. 1969 Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland-Alameda Stadium, Oakland, Calif.

​Game Time Temperature: 75 degrees

​Weather conditions: Clear, wind less than 5 knots


​The Raiders win the coin toss and elect to kick off to Kansas City for the first half.


​1st Quarter: Tom Flores fears his decision to defer the ball to the Chiefs to start the game may have backfired big-time after Frank Pitts takes a screen pass from Len Dawson on the Raiders' 38-yard line and runs it into the end zone for a touchdown that gives Kansas City a 7-0 lead. Up in the stands the Black Hole crew can be heard booing at the top of their collective lungs, and a couple of the rowdier members of that contingent are unceremoniously thrown out by stadium security after tossing beer bottles at Dawson's head. Once things have settled down, a 23-yard Chris Bahr field goal trims the Chiefs' lead to 7-3.


​2nd Quarter: Starting on their own 40, the Raiders punch their way to the Kansas City 39; the Silver and Black faithful erupt in a standing ovation as a Frank Hawkins touchdown run gives Oakland its first lead of the game at 10-7. The Chiefs aren't about to quit, however, and tie the game on a Jan Stenerud field goal with just 3:11 left to play before halftime. The final two minutes of the half see each time commit its first turnover of the afternoon; a Jim Plunkett pass intended for Marcus Allen is intercepted with 1:56 to play, and Kansas City subsequently fumbles the ball back to the Raiders on the next possession. A 36-yard FG by Bahr puts the Raiders ahead 13-10 with less than a minute to go. On their final drive of the first half, the Chiefs are able to get the ball to the Raiders' 28-yard line, but their efforts come to nothing as Stenerud's second field goal attempt of the game sails wide right from 45 yards out.


​3rd Quarter: The second half gets off to a rough start for the Raiders as they get tagged with a pair of costly holding penalties, but they shake it off and claw their way to the Chiefs' 18-yard line. Bahr nails his third FG of the game to stretch the Raiders' lead to 16-10; now it's Hank Stram's turn to fret over how the game may turn out as Dawson is sacked twice in the final seven minutes of the quarter to short-circuit potential game-changing Kansas City drives. The quarter ends with a Plunkett pass intended for Cliff Branch sailing incomplete.


​4th Quarter: Plunkett throws his second interception of the day, laying the groundwork for a 28-yard Stenerud field goal that cuts the Raiders' lead to 16-13. Up in the broadcast booth the announcers note that the Raiders defense seems to be starting to run out of gas; over on the Raider sidelines Marc Wilson is warming up in anticipation of the possibility that he might be sent in to replace Plunkett if the game goes into overtime. Sure enough Stenerud hits a 21-yard FG with just 27 seconds left in regulation and the Raider Nation holds its collective breath as Plunkett gets the ball back for one final offensive series. Plunkett makes the handoff to Dokie Williams at the Raiders 32, and Williams barrels 49 yards to the Kansas City 19. Flores calls a timeout with just three seconds to play in regulation; after assessing the situation, he elects to go for the win and sends Bahr out for the field goal try. Bahr drills a 36-yard kick through the uprights to seal a Raiders victory.


​FINAL SCORE: Raiders 19, Chiefs 16

​PLAYER OF THE GAME: Frank Hawkins(2 receptions, 1 touchdown, 57 rushing yards)

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I don't think it's impossible for the 96 Pack to beat the 85 Bears, Favre maybe could do to the what Marino did.


Marino did that at the Orange Bowl. The Bears would have eaten him for lunch in sub-zero temperatures.




I don't think it's impossible for the 96 Pack to beat the 85 Bears, Favre maybe could do to the what Marino did.


Marino did that at the Orange Bowl. The Bears would have eaten him for lunch in sub-zero temperatures.


You may be right, I mean the Bears were a better team than the Packers for sure. I don't know if the cold would have made a difference, but the wind he described surely would have.

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​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series

1997 Denver Broncos vs. 1963 San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers @ Invesco Field at Mile High, Denver, Colo.

​Game Time Temperature: 55 degrees

​Weather conditions: Occasional light rains, wind gusting at about 20 knots


​Chargers win the coin toss and elect to receive for the first half.


​1st Quarter: The Chargers' first offensive series ends abruptly and disastrously when a Tobin Rote pass intended for Keith Lincoln is intercepted by Darrien Gordon of the Broncos at the 31 and returned seven yards to the Chargers' 24-yard line. A holding penalty pushes Denver back to the 34, but a 20-yard pass by John Elway to Shannon Sharpe enables them to break into the red zone at the Chargers' 14-yard line. A 10-yard run by Rod Smith sets up an Elway TD pass to Willie Green for a 7-0 Broncos lead; the Chargers' second offensive drive stalls at their own 45-yard line, forcing them to punt the ball back to Denver. The Broncos advance all the way up to the Chargers' 17-yard line only to have Elway sacked for a seven-yard loss at the 24. A 41-yard field goal attempt by Scott Bentley goes wide right and the Chargers get the ball back with just 4:13 left in the quarter, setting up a game-tying touchdown catch by Lance Alworth with just thirteen seconds to go. The quarter ends with Smith catching a punt at the Denver 11 and returning it to the Denver 40.


​2nd Quarter: Denver gets off to a rocky start in this quarter; their drive sputters out at their own 48 and they're forced to punt the ball back to the Chargers, who utilize a series of draw plays and a 38-yard rocket to Don Norton in the end zone to take a 14-7 lead over the Broncos. Over on the Denver sidelines Mike Shanahan throws the challenge flag, but to no avail as the TD call is upheld and the Broncos are charged with a timeout. On their next offensive series Bentley redeems himself from his earlier miss and nails a perfect 35-yard FG strike to cut the Bolts' lead to 14-10. With just over seven minutes left in the first half the Chargers get the ball back and make it as far as the Denver 33-yard line, setting up a 50-yard field goal try by George Blair; to the dismay of Charger fans and Blair's teammates, the kick is no good as it ricochets off the uprights and the Broncos start another offensive series that climaxes with another .35-yard field goal by Bentley to cut the Chargers' lead to 1 point at 14-13. Rote is benched as Sid Gillman sends John Rodl in to take over as the Chargers' quarterback; Hadl's first offensive drive ends in disaster for him as he throws an interception to Tyrone Braxton with just ten seconds to go before halftime. Elway is sacked at the Denver 42 and the first half ends with the Chargers nursing a 14-13 lead.


​3rd Quarter: Sensing the decision to take Rote out of the game may have been a mistake, Gillman puts him back in at QB to start the second half. Unfortunately for Rote, he proceeds to throw an INT to Gordon at the Broncos' 40; Gordon returns it six yards, and from there back-to-back penalties on the Chargers enable the Broncos(with a little help from a couple of first-class runs by Terrell Davis) to advance to the Bolts' 33-yard line. A third Charger penalty, a facemask violation to be more precise, sets up a 14-yard Vaughn Hebron touchdown sweep to give Denver its first lead of the afternoon at 20-14 and the Mile High crowd goes nuts. The Chargers' next offensive drive screeches to a halt at their own 34 and the Broncos take over at their 37 as the quarter winds down.


​4th Quarter: A false start penalty and an incomplete by Elway short-circuits Denver's next offensive drive, enabling the Chargers to mount a 79-yard drive to the Broncos' 3. A draw play by Gerry McDougall leads to a touchdown that puts the Chargers back on top at 21-20 with just 5:47 to play in regulation. Elway marches Denver 52 yards to the Chargers' 19; a pass intended for Green goes incomplete and the Broncos have to settle for a 36-yard Bentley field goal to go ahead 23-21. The Chargers get the ball back with less than two minutes left in regulation and push all the way to the Broncos' 15; with just twenty seconds to go, Blair nails a 32-yard field goal to put the Chargers ahead 24-23. A stunned silence sweeps over the Mile High crowd as Elway's final pass attempt of the game sails incomplete and the clock runs out, making the Chargers first visiting team to win in the Dream Games series after three straight home team victories.


​FINAL SCORE: Chargers 24, Broncos 23

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Terrell Davis(3 receptions, 150 rushing yards)

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