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I didn't know quite what to make of this show at first. It was kind of slow to get going and was a bit weird and trippy. After watching the second ep, I've decided that i'm really digging it! really enjoying the style of this series so far, especially the late 60's/early 70's vibe it has. Not sure if it's supposed to take place then, though or if this is just the look?

It's a neat mix of sci-fi with a bit of creepy weirdness thrown in. What's the deal with that, umm...guy he keeps seeing? Is he another mutant or just a product of his mind? I guess it could be either since in the comics, Legion has tons of multiple personalities, each with their own mutant power. I don't know if that's where they're going with here since he seems to have Jean Grey type abilities in this series.

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I knew I had seen a thread about this show!


I just finished season one this past weekend. I'd go right on to season 2 if FX didn't have ridiculous blackout periods.


(I was also so, so very high while watching this, which I recommend)


Dan Stevens was unrecognizable. I don't remember him being heavy before, but he makes his Downton Abbey self look obese. And holy crap he plays crazy well.


Aubrey Plaza is perfection.


Jemaine Clement was a HUGE SURPRISE.


I may actually have to pay for a season pass to get to season 2 faster than Hulu gets to it.

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