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Rogue One Box Office

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Everything I've read leading up to it indicated that they weren't expecting TFA.

Forgot to mention, Rogue One broke into the Top 10 of all-time domestic list, passing A New Hope and Avengers: Age of Ultron. It should settle in at the #7 slot all-time, and could still challenge fo

I also really enjoyed that comic.



LOL-- I just wanted to see what that would look like onscreen for funsies.




It was objective and sourced. What more can I do?




I had no idea Beauty and the Beast was crushing it like that.


Yeah, perhaps we should have seen it coming though. I mean, The Jungle Book was a big hit, and it wasn't even all that good of an animated film. Well, neither was Beauty and the Beast, but it's got a whole lot better nostalgia factor behind it.


Interesting that March/April have become such big movie release months the past few years. Not long ago, it was a dumping ground for movies that couldn't cut it in the summer. But the last few years, they've had some of the biggest films.

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Guest Robin

Hey, we all have opinions and that's cool. To each our own etc.


In regards to B&B... I think the animated Beauty and the Beast is a freakin' classic, as I do Jungle Book. The recent Jungle Book live action adaptation in fairness I found to be surprisingly enjoyable considering the fan-fiction like wanking of Maleficent that Disney spewed out to wide audiences years earlier. This year's live action Beauty and the Beast is quite possibly literally 99.9% the animated film. I didn't check the screenwriting credits, so I don't know if the animated feature's writers got a nod, but they probably should have. This Beauty and the Beast is only saved from being Van Sant's Psycho because there isn't a surprise shot of Belle's bumhole and the Beast isn't played by Captain One-Note. That said, the live action Beauty and the Beast was a truly fun outing during an otherwise dull movie selection period.

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