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The I've Seen Rogue One Thread (spoilers OBV)


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Guest El Chalupacabra

True, it's just that when I look back I can't recall anything from those series. But names like Ugnaughts, 8D8, Klaatu and Weequay are as familiar to me as Luke Skywalker thanks to a Kenner toy line. (Imagine my amazement as I grew up years after ROTJ and watched older films like The Day the Earth Stood Still and heard the words Klaatu barada nikto.)


There must be a time traveler involved in that incident. How else could the names of Jabba's hench-aliens have been used in the 1950s?


How much input did the Kenner company have in the naming of these toys? Or did GL himself issue the names?


I vaguely remember the Kenner toyline tried to expand beyond the movies after 1983, but nothing came of it.

Too me a bit to recall, but yes, there was a time traveller involved!

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