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2016 Box Office Gold: Talking Animals Reign Over Comic Books

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Check this out:


Worldwide (in millions).


1. Captain America: Civil War: $1,153.3
2. Finding Dory: $1,026.3
3. Zootopia: $1,023.8
4. The Jungle Book: $966.5
5. The Secret Life of Pets: $873.7
6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: $873.3
7. Deadpool: $782.6
8. Suicide Squad: $745.6
9. Doctor Strange: $579.7
10. The Mermaid (Mei ren yu): $553.8
11. X-Men: Apocalypse: $543.9
12. Kung Fu Panda 3: $519.9


We already knew that comic books were ascendant, but look at that, talking animals actually make up 4 of the top 5 movies this year.


I also found it funny that the only movie to (barely) break in to the top 10 that didn't fall into these two categories was the Chinese hit Mei ren yu which I'm pretty sure 3/4 of the United States has never even heard of.


Now this near perfect streak won't last. Fantastic Beasts, Moana, and Rogue One will probably all break onto this list inside the next month, but I found the near perfection of the two categories to be interesting. My only question is when will we get a solo Rocket movie? Howard the Duck reboot? Superpets? A We3 movie? Detective Chimp (teamed up with another hero) vs. Gorilla Grodd?


Actually, I think I just talked myself into those last two.

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Interesting little look back on this, Moana isn't doing nearly as well as you'd think it would in the foreign markets. I'm a bit baffled to explain it. It's a perfectly wonderful Disney Princess musical, easily their best movie since Tangled.


Disney and Pixar animated films are usually gold at the foreign box office. Animation in general usually translates well overseas. Even relative duds like the latest Ice Age movie do well in other countries. But here Disney pulls out a gem and, while it's doing reasonably well in the United States (not blockbuster, but well enough), in foreign countries where it's been open for awhile, it's not even reaching half of what you'd expect from a typical Disney movie in many of those territories. Some even worse. The biggest gap can be seen in China where it's made barely 1/10 as much as Zootopia. Matter of fact, Zootopia's run in China alone doubles Moana's entire foreign take.


Anyone have any ideas?

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