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A new theory for Darth Ender's sig

DANA-kin Skywalker

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Mace Windu = Snoke


This is one of the stupider theories out there that is inexplicably gaining traction. Apparently, in some people's minds, the idea of a Jedi getting lightninged in the face and launched out of a window can cause a black man's skin to turn white and grow to seven feet tall. And, what better way to get revenge on your would-be murderer than to take revenge on the enemy OF your enemy who is Luke Skywalker, and pick up where your enemy left off as being the biggest d1ck in the galaxy? Motivations be damned! They are both bald don't you get it?


Granted, it's possible Mace survived, and that alone is enough for some people. Plus bald. Darth Ender, this theory is sig worthy! If it pleases you, it wold make a wonderful addition.

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